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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Carol Ann Baker Crime 1 & 2 by Lissa Pelzer @LissaPelzer @XpressoTours

No More Birthdays
Lissa Pelzer
(Carol Ann Baker, #1)
Publication date: August 31st 2015
Genres: New Adult, Thriller

At a film festival in a small mid-western city, runaway teenager, Lilly has come looking for old boy, Bobby. He’s a dangerous man with powerful connections, but he owes her money and she’s desperate enough to come looking for it. In this Southern Ohio based crime novel, everyone’s got secrets. But Lilly’s about to find out, the worst type of secret its the one you keep from yourself.

My Review of No More Birthdays:

Lilly Lessard has a lot of secrets; you know lots of things she wants to keep hidden. I won’t tell you all her secrets cause well you know that is her story to tell not mine. But I will tell you a little bit about Lilly like that is not her real name and that she is a runaway. Yeah she is just a teenage girl who has followed her “Gentleman” as we may describe him but to Lilly he is just her friend to Florida to ask him for the money he owns her.

Bobby who is Lilly’s “Gentleman” friend took Lilly in a few years ago and has taken “real” good care of her until recently. Lilly worked for Bobby and he promised her that when the time came that he would make sure she had enough money to go to college or start a new life if that is what she chose to do but unfortunately for Lilly Bobby reneged on their little deal.

Lilly has followed Bobby to Florida to get the money he owns her. But Lilly is not the only one that is after Bobby no a detective has also followed Bobby as well. Detective Davis has been after Bobby for a while now for several offenses. Davis only manages to get so close and then Bobby miraculously slips out of her fingers.

Detective Davis knows Lilly’s story and wants to help her and take her out of the world she has found herself in and give her a new life a better and safer life. But Lilly is only thinking about the money Bobby owes her. I don’t think Lilly has ever had anyone to really love and care for her and doesn’t know what that is. I think she has probably had to look out for herself all her life with no one to depended on so when Davis offers to help her Lilly thinks she is just making it all up just to get what she wants and that she doesn’t care about her either no one else does so why should she?

Lilly is a very strong and determined young girl who when she sets her mind to something she just will not stop until she has want she started out for or until she has exhausted all of her options. She may be strong willed and smart on some things but at the same time she can be so naïve about others.

No More Birthdays is filled with so much intrigue and mystery that leads you down a long dark road. While it may leave you feeling sad and upset it will also have you rooting for Lilly.

While I haven’t read that many crime novels I have read enough to know that No More Birthdays is unlike any that I have read before and I am really glad that I have read Lilly’s story and plan on reading more of Lilly story in the next book Dead Memories. If you like novels of this nature then I would highly recommend No More Birthdays to ya. 

Dead Memories
Lissa Pelzer
(Carol Ann Baker, #2)
Publication date: December 19th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Thriller

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could just close your eyes and start again? With two counts of murder under her belt and Detective Davis after her, teenager Lilly Lessard has done just that. She’s taken her dead friend, Janine Kenny’s ID and scholarship and she’s off to California.

But when a traffic accident leaves her with amnesia and only Janine’s ID in her pocket, things take a turn for the surreal. Her caseworker wants to know why her memories don’t match her history. The hospital candy stripper has noticed her hair appears blonde at the roots when it should be black. And who is this man who wants to help her get to California, who is willing to sneak her out in the dead of night? Can he help her get back some of her dead memories?

My Review of Dead Memories:

Carol Ann/Lilly is still trying to make her way to California with her new ID. She catches a ride with a trucker that is on his way to California. But somewhere along the way Lilly gets all antsy about the trucker so she has him to drop her off at the next stop they come too.

Lilly jumps into the back of a pickup truck trying to avoid the police that just appeared at the fast food place. When the guy Chad whose truck she jumped into finds her in the back of it and learns that she has a gun he decides to trick her and use her to help him out with a little business deal he has going.

So he takes Lilly with him to pay his friend a visit hoping that with Lilly and her little pug’s help he can get what this guy owes him.  Chad has it all planned out is his head but after arriving at the friend’s house things don’t end up quite the way he expected and all his plans take a turn for the worst.

After everything goes down Lilly doesn’t know what to do but one thing she does know is that she has to get the h3ll out of dodge before the cops make an appearance. So Lilly leaves Chad hanging and takes his truck for a little ride and ends up in an accident that lands her in the hospital with amnesia.

So now Lilly is stuck in the hospital with no memory of whom she is or where she is from. She has no idea who Lilly is or even who Carol Ann is or even who Janine is. Will she get her memory back? Will she ever get to make that trip to California? Will she get that new start on life? Who is Carol Ann? Who is Lilly? Who is Janine? Who is this girl that is looking back at her in the mirror?

Carol Ann/Lilly will take you on some very hard roads but she is a strong and very smart girl who knows how to come out on top. Dead Memories is filled with lots of mystery, crime and is just as good as or maybe even better than the first book No More Birthdays. Dead Memories will grab a hold of you from the very first page and won’t let go until you have turned that last page. Dead Memories is a very fast read I think I read it like in one day. If you like a good mystery crime drama style of book then you are going to love Dead Memories. 

Author Bio:
Lissa Pelzer is a Crime Novel and Short Story Writer.
She lives in Germany with her husband and young son.
She’s lived all over the world and is on a mission to write a crime story based in each one.
It might take a while…. 



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