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Tea for Two
Kailee Reese Samuels
(The SoS Series)
Publication date: March 28th 2017
Genres: Erotica, Romance

He’s hot.
He’s young.
He’s bad.

And Sal Raniero can’t keep his ass out of trouble.

He’s spent months learning to keep clients happy to line his wallet. When an unlikely friendship spins his world upside down, Sal ends up discovering the girl of his dreams. Chasing after Bertie the only way he knows how, Sal pushes out of his comfort zone and forces everyone to realize how far he’ll go to get what he wants.

Welcome to the story of Sal & Bertie… where some dreams only end in a nightmare.

TEA FOR TWO – The SOS Series – Book 2 is set within the Juliet world and provides further glimpses into Salvatore Raniero’s backstory.

KAILEE REESE SAMUELS writes contemporary, romantic, and suspense, with an erotic flair. Let her words whisk you away, escaping with delicious guys, toe-curling kisses, and addictive stories.

WARNING: This book contains graphic BDSM, strong sexual situations, and explicit language. Contents intended for MATURE readers 18+ ONLY.

Interview with Kailee Reese Samuels

What inspired you to write Tea for Two?
Tea for Two was the first book I wrote that really came in flashes. With my other books, I always kind of knew where they were going. T42 was different in that regard. It started with a moment from The Bachelorette believe it or not. The girl had decided to partake in some bedroom activity with one of the guys and the media chastised her for having that desire, yet a man can. It seemed unfair to me. So my original opener started there which is now the middle of the book with Sal scrutinizing Kaci for sleeping with two guys.
The story progresses on to the threesome of Sal, Kaci, and Bertie, but everything is not as it seems. This book is unlike the others in that it really makes some statements about where we are today as far as feminism and transgender issues.
Can you tell us a little bit about the next books in The Story of Salvatore (The SOS series) or what you have planned for the future?

Next up is Grunt set to release on May 30. I am super excited about it. It is a dark book and very much out of what I would consider my comfort zone. The last book in the SOS series – Hopechest – will release on fourth of July and there will be an HFN at least within the setting of five years ago. It is very important for me to end on an upbeat, positive note as far as The SOS series goes.

The next big book in The Juliet Collection will be released on Halloween. Iris and the whole cast will return. It will be a good place to be after working on The SOS for a while.

I just finished up another story – Fluff – with two characters from the Juliet world, Dale Archer and Mae East. I am anticipating a April/May release.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Tea for Two?

The whole SOS series takes place five years ago and focuses on main character Sal Raniero. Through The Story of Salvatore we discover how he became who he is today in Juliet.

The adorable pixie, Kaci returns for more of her eccentric scenes, but we also get a real look at who she is and how her and Sal fit together in the big picture.

Bertie is a really special, pivotal character and I think she resonates incredibly well in the book. This won’t be a tissue-free book! Sorry, lol

You know I think we all have a favorite author. Who is your favorite author and why?
My favorite author at the moment is probably J.A. Huss. I have been reading Taking Turns and her back catalog. I really love finding an author that I have a guaranteed enjoyment value because I don’t have a lot of time. Her books have definitely given me some important lessons as far as plot twists and build up. She never disappoints!
If you could time-travel would you travel to the future or the past? Where would you like to go and why would you like to visit this particular time period?
Oh gosh! Probably the future so I could see how my three boys and their kids turn out. Probably seems pretty boring. I am a simple girl with a  very active imagination.
Do you have any little fuzzy friends? Like a dog or a cat? Or any pets?
We live on a farm in Texas. We have chickens, mini horses, a host of barn cats, and a pig named Victory Rush – yes, I played WoW. We also have a quaker parrot and chameleons. But I would have to say my favorite is my white Pekingese Nikki. She is my “writing partner” and always stays on my feet in the middle of the night. She is rather grumpy though and snores very loud!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us today.

Thank you so much for having me! I really enjoyed this!

XO - Kailee

Author Bio:
Embracing diversity. Coffee addict. Mango lover. Blueberry fetishist. Sweet peach tea crazy. Red wine devout. Whiskey deviant. Tattooed & pierced. Loves shoes. Collects rosaries. Fanatical organizer/cleaner/list-maker. Never sleeps. Hermit and recluse.


KAILEE REESE SAMUELS has been spinning tales since she can remember. Her books are contemporary fiction with a no-holds-barred attitude. She adores listening to her characters ramble and putting them into situations that push the boundaries.
Creativity is the way to change.