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Review: Reign Of The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm #6) by Dianna Hardy @TheWitchingPen

Reign Of The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm #6)
by Dianna Hardy
Published: October 31, 2017
Publisher: Satin Smoke Press
Genre: Horror, Shapeshifters, Werewolves, Urban Fantasy


Day by day, Lydia's mastery of her storm-wielding grows. But whether gift or curse, her achievements are dampened by recent losses, and Taylor's inability to fully heal from his near-death experience. As worry for their future increases, Ryan faces his past once more in a bid to secure the happy future he glimpsed for them all.

The full moon is upon them. The Trident are unstoppable in their savage expansion; Selena is all but gone.

However, secrets are still being uncovered amid the whispers of time and its shifting sand - an ancient, mystical past is about to catch up with the present. Sarah might be carrying more than she'd bargained for.

Meanwhile, Lawrence has his own battle to face and life-altering decisions to make - and not just to his life. His duties as King could yet overrule his duties as mate. When the outcome is the sure extinction of the species you are responsible for, what do you sacrifice to keep it alive?

Reign Of The Wolf is the last book of the Eye Of The Storm series.


“Ryan sent me a text over an hour ago to let me know he'd arrived there, and who he went to see – along with a poor excuse for an apology. Haven't heard from him since.”

“Hey.” Lydia leaned in and stroked his cheek. “Don't be hard on him. He needed to do this.”

“We all need to find solutions together.” “And love really bites when you know you have to let him face his demons on his own. Because they're not your demons, and it's not your past.”

Taylor eyed her, dejectedly, then sighed. “I know. I'm just worried he's—”

“Done something stupid?” She leapt from the bed, placed a kiss on his lips, then reached for her clothes.

“No. Done something that'll hurt him. Done something he'll regret. You know how he is, he carries all the weight.”

“Then if we make it to tomorrow, we'll be here to pick up the pieces, and help him carry his load. That's what we do when we love someone: we don't stop them from breaking, we help put them back together.” When her top came down over her head, she found Taylor looking at her, bemused. “What?”

“I thought I was the emotional guru. When did you take over the role?”

She grinned; leaned in for another kiss – couldn't get enough Taylor kisses. “I had the best teacher; now I'm a master.”

My Review:

WOW our little storm-wielder and her wolves’ epic journey has come to an end in Reign Of The Wolf in the finally of the Eye Of The Storm series. I have really enjoyed embarking on this wonderful journey with Lydia from the beginning in Releasing The Wolf when she found out she was a wolf, a storm wielder and meeting her three mates Lawrence, Ryan and Taylor.

In the last leg of our journey Lydia, Lawrence, Ryan and Taylor are all trying to come up with a way to put a stop to the Trident’s impending doom of bringing war upon the wolves and taking over the world.

For all of us that started out with Lydia on her journey in Releasing The Wolf it has been like five years in the making but in reality for Lydia, Ryan, Lawrence and Taylor it has only been like four months (am I right?). Yeah, Dianna made us wait a long time between each book but it was every bit worth the wait and never took long to read from the first word to the last in each book.

All of the books are fast reads and will keep you flipping and flipping and flipping those pages but I think it was somewhat different with Reign Of The Wolf with knowing it was the last of the line. One minute I would be burning those pages flipping and flipping and then the next I would be like no, no, no because I knew it was the last book and I didn’t want to see it end. I would have to lay it down and think and ponder over the story so far and try to figure out what and why they were doing the things they were doing at certain times in the story.

Lydia is a very strong and independent person who will go all out to protect and keep what is hers but she doesn’t do it in a selfish way. While Selena is a different matter she will also go all out to keep what she thinks is hers but she does it in a selfish way. In a way Selena is right with believing that Lydia took her mate as she did have three but no one can help who their mate is. So in actual reality Lydia did not take her mate. In the last book Rise Of The Wolf I didn’t like Selena very well and thought she was wrong for what she did. But in the last leg of their journey I think I have changed my mind about her. Now don’t get me wrong I still don’t approve of what she did but in Reign Of The Wolf I think she was a very strong and smart girl to do and go through what she did with Gabriel and the way she handled everything.

Reign Of The Wolf has been an epic finally to the Eye Of The Storm series one in which I laughed and cried plus a whole lot more emotions and enjoyed tremendously and am so, so sad to see come to an end. I hope this is not the last that we see of these characters. 

I would like to recommend the Eye Of The Storm series to anyone who loves werewolves and a good love story. Lydia, Ryan, Lawrence and Taylor have a great one to tell and so does Dianna. Dianna is one of the best writers ever. I have been reading her books for a long time and loved every minute of it. I reviewed Releasing The Wolf the first book in the Eye Of The Storm series a year after starting my blog. Oh and Dianna I still say that Ryan is so hot he will make your tongue come out and slap your brains out.

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About The Author:

International bestselling author of
The Witching Pen series, and the Eye Of The Storm series.
“I write both full-length novels and short fiction. As a writer, I like
my stories to move along at lightning speed without compromising
character build-up, and I like some humour entwined in them too.
My books are fast-paced, and I liken reading a good novella to
watching a TV episode of a series – something's happening in every
scene and there's always one hell of an ending!”
Dianna combines a titillating mix of contemporary and paranormal romance, as well as urban and dark fantasy, into her writing, to bring you stories that are action-packed, fast-paced and not short of heat, with the focus on both character development and the plot. She writes full-length novels and short fiction. She has also written poetry (first published in 1997) and esoteric books and articles. Nowadays, she chooses to concentrate on writing fiction.
In December 2012, Releasing The Wolf hit the Kindle Paranormal Fantasy charts in both the US and the UK, where it stayed for three months, enjoying a highest ranking of #20. The first two books in the Eye of The Storm series have enjoyed success in the top 100 of Fantasy charts on Kindle US and Kindle UK, and all books in the series to date have reached the top 100 of the Fantasy iTunes charts in Netherlands, Norway, Australia and the UK, with Heart Of The Wolf (book 3) reaching #1 in Denmark.
The Witching Pen series, 'Til Death Do Us Part and A Silver Kiss, have also hit the top 100
of Kindle and iBooks charts (Fantasy, Romance and Horror) in a number of different countries worldwide.
Although quite active online, Dianna prefers the quiet company of nature and animals to the hustle and bustle of people. She loves anything paranormal (she doesn't really consider it
"para"), organic food, walking barefoot, the smell of the woods after rain, and summer days.
However, she is also sustained by coffee, chocolate and the occasional vodka.
She currently lives in Surrey (United Kingdom) with her partner and their daughter, where she writes full-time.