Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Review: Rise of Restless and Ruined (SoulShifter 0) by Hilary Thompson @HilaryLThompson

Rise of Restless and Ruined
SoulShifter 0
by Hilary Thompson

Published: June 8, 2017
Publisher: Star Shadow Books
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction


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 My Review:

The eighth son of King Erikal and Queen Jessamal of Riata, Zorander Graeme wants to be king so bad that he uses magic by wishing that his brothers were all dead so he could be the First Son and then he could one day be the king.

Zorander had been bullied by his brothers all his life because he was the youngest so therefore that made him the weakest. Zorander wanted people to look up to him and respect him. He thought the only way to do this was to be the First Son and then the King. But what Zorander never really understood was that there would be consequences to using dark magic and he would have a debt to pay.

I am glad that I finally got around to reading Rise of Restless and Ruined as I have loved reading both books in SoulShifer Series, Shadow of Shift Soul and Twist of Truth and Tomorrow. I wanted to know more about the King and Queen of Riata and how they became the king and queen and what made them the way they were.

The SoulShifter Series has been an epic journey one in which I truly hope to take again one day in the near future maybe, hopefully. I would recommend Rise of Restless and Ruined to anyone who loves reading about magic and suspense. 

I don't usually comment on the cover of a book but I can't pass up this opportunity to comment on this one. I love this cover as it has all my favorite colors in it. It is just beautiful.

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