Thursday, December 21, 2017

Holiday Extravaganza Tour + #Giveaway: Santa and the Succubus by Serena Synn @SerenaSynn @RoxanneRhoads

Santa and the Succubus
Serena Synn

Genre: Explicit Erotica

Publisher: Synn with Me Publishing

Book Description:

Santa has his work cut out for him punishing a naughty girl like Sylvie.
Sylvie is a succubus, so she’s left a trail of broken hearts, broken homes and debauchery in her wake.

But these two have something in common that could lead to something more than a night of punishment and pleasure.

Will it join them together or will Santa become her next broken heart?

Warning contains extreme adult content including light BDSM and spanking

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“You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?” A deep voice whispered in my ear.
I jumped a foot in the air. I was in the back room digging through stacks of holiday decorations looking for a tree topper. The mall was closed and I thought everyone, other than the guard out front, was gone.
I turned around with a frown and found the mall Santa standing there. Great, was the creep plying me with his Christmas shtick because he thought I had a kid or was he trying to hit on me? At least he didn’t reek of alcohol like the last one. I looked him up and down. This guy was young and from what I could tell good looking under the fake beard, white fluffy fur and red velvet. Around six foot two and built solid he wasn’t your typical mall Santa at all. His bright blue eyes twinkled with mischief and full red lips smiled through his fluffy beard.
“Buzz off, Santa. I’m not in the mood.” It had been a very long day. Lines of screaming children filled the Christmas Zone. I was in charge of display and marketing. Even though I didn’t have to deal with the little brats I still had to make sure the lines were long and the advertising and d├ęcor was working its holiday magic.
“But you’re always in the mood, aren’t you Sylvie?” His deep voice caressed me, teasing me.
            I stopped and stared.

About the Author
Serena Synn is a forty something erotica author who isn’t afraid to get “dirty” in the name of research. Unlike many erotica authors she will gladly admit she likes to “practice what she preaches”. Serena is bisexual and willing to experiment with a wide variety of sexy scenarios that she can put on the page for your reading pleasure. A voyeur at heart she loves to indulge in erotic aesthetics, be it art or porn. She’s also a little bit of an exhibitionist and loves to show off her BBW (big beautiful woman) curves.

When she's not writing Serena collects vintage smut- everything from pinups to lingerie to Victorian porn.

You can find her on Twitter @SerenaSynn