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Virtual Book Tour + #Giveaway: The Perfect Lap by Sedona Hutton @SedonaHutton @GoddessFish

The Perfect Lap
by Sedona Hutton
GENRE: Contemporary Romance


His job is to drive fast. Hers is to put the brakes on him. When sparks fly, will love cross the finish line?

AJ Ryan is a publicity nightmare. After a questionable photo surfaces and his biggest sponsor threatens to pull out, the NASCAR champion admits it might be time to hit the brakes. Thankfully, his new no-nonsense image consultant knows just where to start… too bad she revs his engine so loudly he can barely think straight.

Ella Fisher’s career is a welcome distraction from her poor taste in men. Fresh off another easily avoidable heartbreak, rehabbing AJ’s career is just the diversion she needs. But when the pulse-pounding client actually listens to her advice, Ella wonders if there’s more to the man behind the hot mess.

When Ella is granted guardianship of three boisterous children under the misconception that she and AJ are a couple, AJ surprises her by going along with the charade. Before long they find themselves in a make-shift family that feels more real than pretend.

As their professional relationship takes a hard turn for the personal, a single overheard conversation could make it all go up in flames. Will Ella and AJ’s romance hit the wall, or will love take the checkered flag?

The Perfect Lap is the second standalone novel in the Racing Hearts of Serenity romance series. If you like bad boys with a heart of gold, strong women, and love stories with a new age twist, then you’ll adore Sedona Hutton’s fun, sexy tale.


“I bet you have a beautiful smile,” he drawled, then lowered his mouth to hers.

She should have pulled away—she didn’t know this man from Adam. But everything inside her protested. After gazing into each other’s eyes, she felt like she knew him intimately.

His lips were warm and tingly, his kiss pure perfection…and he drew back way too quickly. He blinked those deep blue eyes and gave her a lazy grin. “I knew it.” He rubbed the pad of his thumb over her lower lip. “Beautiful.”

That’s when she realized she was smiling.

He rose, and she gave him a quick once over, taking in the sexy stubble on his face, the taut muscles of his chest, his lean physique. As good old-fashioned lust rolled through her like a quick-moving thunderstorm, she silently bemoaned her situation. This was a hell of a time to have a newly implemented man-ban.

“Keep smiling.” Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he winked at her. “It suits you,” he added in that low, sexy drawl. Then he sauntered off.

Her breath caught as she spun around to gape at him. He’d just kissed her and now he was leaving? She contemplated calling him back, then reconsidered. She had other fish to fry.

Even so, she couldn’t stop herself from tracking his every move as he swaggered toward the party, his backside looking every bit as fine as the rest of him. Pressing a hand to her chest, she let out a slow exhale. Even though she was one-hundred percent committed to her man-ban, she could admit—at least to herself—that the sexy, charming stranger had intrigued her.

Interview with Sedona Hutton

What is the sweetest thing someone has done for you?

After a motorcycle accident involving a car smashing into our bike (I was sitting on the back,) my foot was in an air cast. For weeks, I couldn’t put pressure on my right foot or leg, so I needed help with almost everything. During this time, I came to appreciate the little things, like the simply ability to retrieve a glass of water. My husband was my knight in shining armor. He waited on me hand and foot, and supported me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, too.

How would you spend ten thousand bucks?

I would take my extended family (including my grown kids, grandkids, and fur-babies) on a nice vacation. I would give any remaining money to charities supporting kids and animals.

Where do you get your best ideas?

Outside! Whether I’m walking in the fields, out on a boat, riding a motorcycle or taking a spin in our topless Jeep, I find inspiration in nature.

What comes first, the plot or characters?

Definitely the characters. I start with deep characterization, and develop everything else from that.

What does your main character do that makes him/her special.

Race cars—AJ Ryan is most confident on the track racing in the Monster Energy Series. As the story progresses, AJ learns he’s good with children. He feels special when he’s able to help the kids by sharing wisdom he received from his beloved granddad. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Author Sedona Hutton finds inspiration in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where she lives with her husband and curly-coated retriever. In addition to writing, she’s a Reiki Master and a certified Chopra Center Meditation instructor. She enjoys reading, yoga, gardening, and experiencing the great outdoors on boats, motorcycles, and Jeeps. Sedona pens a “Peace, Love, & Joy” blog on her website. Visit her at, Twitter @SedonaHutton, Facebook @SedonaHuttonAuthor, and Instagram @SedonaHutton. 

Sedona’s debut novel, Cloud Whispers, was a Finalist in the 2018 Readers’ Favorite Contest, an Official Selection in the 2018 Summer eBook Awards for New Apple Literary, and Shortlisted for the Books Go Social Best Book of 2018.

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It has been great hearing about your book and although I am not the reader myself, my 2 sisters and 2 daughters are. They love hearing about the genre's they like and me helping them get to find books they will enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

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