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Review: A Fairy's Quest by Maya Tyler @mayatyerauthor

 A Fairy’s Quest

The Magicals #3

by Maya Tyler

Published: April 6, 2021

Publisher: TirgearrPublishing

Genre: Paranormal Romance


New York had Broadway. LA had Hollywood. Chicago had magic.

During the Golden Age of Magic, descendants of The Anunnaki sought refuge in the City of Magic.

Five years ago, fairy princess Alina Lehrer played the role of dutiful daughter until, in a single act of rebellion, she broke her arranged marriage agreement with David Laurent and destroyed a powerful alliance between their families. She fears her mother will hold it against her until she fulfils her familial duty—to reclaim the fairy crown that had been stolen from them more than a century ago.

Now, the usurper to the throne is dead, thus ending the fairy-wizard feud. It is time to reclaim the throne, and ultimately the stolen crown. But happily-ever-after seems as far away as ever for Alina. She is still heartbroken after the rejection of her first love and is still healing from a near-death trauma. She must push aside her personal feelings and find a way to confront her demons in order for her to complete her quest.

Rylan Jackson, codename Orion, has an impeccable record as a trained assassin for The Royal Court of Fairies. As The Court's most trusted asset, he always gets the job done. Until his target is Alina, the one woman he can’t resist.

Fate has placed Alina and Rylan on opposing sides in a world of deception and betrayal. Where truth is ambiguous. Where loyalties war with affection. Where there are no coincidences.

But Alina has the power to change her destiny and soon learns Fate is not set in stone.

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My Review:

Fairy princess Alina Lehrer has spent her whole life trying to please her mother until about five years ago that is. Five years ago she was engaged to David Lauren until she broke off the engagement disappointing her mother. You know its not like Alina doesn’t want to marry and have a family but she would like to be in love with the man she married. She would also like to have a career first. What is wrong with a woman wanting to have a career before being married?

Alina fears that she will never be able to make her mother happy again unless she can reclaim the fairy crown that was stolen from her family many, many years ago. Alina spends a lot of time searching for the fairy crown and its location. It is time to reclaim the throne. If she could find this crown then maybe she could make her mother happy again not to mention the fact that maybe all the guilt that she is weighed down with then maybe she could let it all go.

Alina keeps flashing back to a horrible event in her life that almost cost her, her life. No one knows what she went through nor how it still affects and interrupts her life in more ways than one.

Rylan Jackson is given orders to kill an American fairy that is digging up the past. Rylan believes that killing this fairy would be a premature move besides Rylan maybe an assassin but that doesn’t mean he likes it even if he is good at it. Rylan weighs out the outcome of not killing this fairy or killing her. How can he let her live without having to pay dearly for it? What will Rylan do? What can he do that will land him in the least amount of trouble? That is the question Rylan is asking himself.

I fell in love with The Magicals with the first book A Vampire’s Tale. The magic within each book just seems to get better and better. Once I pick up a book from The Magicals world I can’t put it down until I have read the last page. Once I opened A Fairy’s Quest I was pulled into its depths with all the vampires, fairies, wizards, and its magical world.

A Fairy’s Quest has more than one story to tell, stories that we get from more than one character. I like getting a story from more than one person's perspective. I like knowing what all the characters are doing instead of getting their story through the eyes of another character.

A Fairy’s Quest is a magical story that can be read as a standalone although by reading the first two books you will know more about the characters past and how they got to be where they are now. I do recommend reading them in order and starting with the first book A Vampire’s Tale and then A Wizard’s Choice before reading A Fairy’s Quest to ensure you get the whole effect of each character’s story. 

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