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Review: Touch: Book One by Steven Jenkins @Author_Jenkins

Touch: Book One

by Steven Jenkins

Published: April 19, 2021

Publisher: Different Cloud Publishing

Genre: Horror, Zombies, Sci-Fi, Thriller


One touch is all it takes.

Then a rash. Sickness. And death.

But death is not the end.

Adam has an extraordinary talent. He has the power to heal. But when a deadly virus sweeps the world, turning its victims into violent zombies, his gift is pushed to its very limits.

As the undead fill the streets with disease, Adam must face the horde, venturing across the country to find his daughter, Erin - a young girl already tortured by the death of her mother.

Through the bedlam, will Adam conquer his own grief for his late wife, and become the father he once was?

Or will the dead take the remnants of humanity and end his turmoil once and for all?

TOUCH is the first book in a brand-new two-part zombie series.

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My Review:

A deadly virus has swept the country leaving a horde of zombies in its wake. One man Adam’s daughter is hours away at her grandparent's home when the virus breaks out. Adam’s only concern now is getting to his daughter, Erin.

Touch: Book One takes us into Adam’s world as he pushes his way to his daughter through a zombie-infested world. Touch is just the beginning of the zombie apocalypse as the characters are learning what a zombie is exactly and how to deal with them.

Touch is a very intense read. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way. Reading Touch was like reading a Stephen King novel. It draws you in scene by scene, building up the excitement higher and higher until you think you can’t take it anymore and then you are swept away to another scene leaving you hanging wondering what is going to happen but not to worry you are not left hanging for long as you are brought back quickly to see how it plays out.

Touch is one of those slow burn books that likes to take its time letting its secrets out ever so slowly leaving you wanting more and more until you think you are about to burst. It draws you into its zombie-infested world until you feel as if you are running right alongside Adam and Erin trying to reach safety before the zombies catch you.

If you like intense, slow burn, ominous, and gory filled books with lots of zombie action then trust me you are going to love Touch as it has all of this and more. But I do give you fair warning when you pick up your copy of Touch you are going to need to set aside a couple of hours for reading as once you open it you're going to become lost in its world as it is not going to let you come up for air until the last page is read. I am now anxiously await the next book in this zombie-infested world.

Now go and one-click your copy of Touch to begin this epic gory read for yourself today!

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