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Review: Atlanta: Zombie Queen (Ares Weapons Project #1) by Matthew Sleadd @bodapeshi

Atlanta: Zombie Queen

Ares Weapons Project

by Matthew Sleadd

Published: April 1, 2022

Publisher: Sleadd Ink

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic


Zombies are feared, but humans are the real monsters…

After years of military service, Jason is enjoying retirement-on a farm with his wife and daughter. But his world shifts when terrorists unleash a bioweapon on the city of Atlanta-turning people into zombies. His former team leader, Chief Spencer, recruits Jason's help in a special covert operation.

In the city, residents are forced into quarantine-and fed only distorted information from trapped reporters. Riots ensue, neighbors turn against one another-and the death toll rises. Humanity is falling apart-and the only way to stop the mayhem is to end the plague.

Society is relying on two men to save Atlanta-before time runs out-and the military resorts to nuclear weapons.

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My Review:

A bio-weapon has been unleashed in Atlanta, and the results are zombies. Yeah, and did I mention that there is more than one kind of zombie? Most of the zombies are fast and like to chase you down not to eat you but turn you into a zombie like them. I guess they are hoping to grow their army of the undead.

Jason, an ex-military dude is living the good life on his farm with his wife and baby daughter when the outbreak happens. Jason is contacted by his former chief to go with him into the heart of Atlanta to rescue a scientist who may have the cure for the zombie virus. Their mission is top secret as they are not legally allowed to do an operation of this type.

The city has been quarantined from the outside world since the outbreak. Jason and his team will not have a problem getting in but getting out is an entirely different story as they will not be allowed to just walk out the gates.

Jason agrees to go on this mission to help his former chief but he has one condition and it involves his brother. Jason’s brother and his wife are trapped in the city. Jason will help find this scientist and get him out but they will have to rescue his brother and his wife or no deal.

When I first laid eyes on Atlanta I knew I had to read it for lots of different reasons. One is that it is about zombies and I love zombies. I can’t seem to get enough of zombies and post-apocalyptic stories. Two it reminded me of The Walking Dead my favorite TV series of all time. But after reading it, it also reminded me of Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Army of the Dead.

I love the new twist on the zombies. Atlanta is one of the best zombie books I have read in a long time. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. There just has to be another book with that ending. I need more now, please.

I would happily recommend Atlanta to all zombie and post-apocalyptic fans! One-click your copy of Atlanta today!  

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Matt Sleadd said...

The second book is written and going through its first round of edits before I forward it to Marcie for final review. With luck, it will be out before the holidays. Thank you for reading my work, and I hope future novels live up to your expectations.

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