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Review: The Monsters Club by Lotté Jean Elliott @lottelauv

The Monsters Club

by Lotté Jean Elliott

Published: April 21, 2022

Publisher: Northodox Press

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery


A model student at an exclusive private school, Junie Han is popular, bright and destined for Oxford University. Or so everyone believes.

Unbeknownst to her wealthy friends and family, Junie is a gifted hacker, and is using her talents to make money as a means of escaping the life they have planned for her. As long as she can maintain her image of perfection, nothing will stop her.

Whilst exploring the dark web, Junie and her fellow hacker, Yamazaki, discover a site called the Monsters Club, a place where murderers post pictures of their victims. After investigating the site, Yamazaki disappears. And Junie begins to receive alarming messages from an anonymous stranger...

As Junie's two lives begin to unravel, she finds herself cracking under the pressure of keeping her secrets and her safety. Will she, or someone she loves, become the next victim posted on the Monsters Club's website?

Inspired by a Japanese true crime case, this is a novel with a flavour of evil and goodness, that mixes to create a storm of chaos that nobody saw coming.

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My Review:

Who is Junie Han? Well, one thing for certain she is not the person her family and friends think she is. No, Junie lives a double life. She hides her true self from the world. Junie is a very bright high school student that is destined for great colleges or so that is what Junie wants her family and friends to believe.

What no one knows is that Junie is not the student she claims to be as she uses people to get what she wants out of them and life. She gathers intel on the people she needs to do favors for her and uses it against them to get them to do what she wants them to do.

Junie is a hacker on the dark web and more. Junie spends as much of her time as she possibly can on the internet doing jobs for people so she can earn enough money to buy her way out of the town she lives in.

Then one day Junie stumbles onto a website on the dark web where monsters post pictures of the bodies/people they have killed. Junie is traced down on the internet by other hackers who threaten her or more like her friends' lives if she doesn’t do what they want. After this Junie’s life starts to tumble around her, and things are spiraling out of control as all her secrets start to come out.

The Monsters Club was very captivating grabbing my attention from the very first page. The twists kept rolling out page after page and believe me I rode each wave to the very end. Once I picked up The Monsters Club I was immediately pulled down into its world of mystery and suspense. The descriptions were so vividly portrayed it was like magic as it enter my head and the world around me disappeared as if it never existed.

I can’t wait to read more from this world to see where Junie’s life takes her and us next. That ending was shocking, to say the least. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

I think that anyone who likes a good mystery-suspense story is going to be thrilled to read The Monsters Club. Grab your copy of The Monsters Club today! I highly recommend that you do. 

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