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Review: Scared Shiftless (The Legend of Nyx #1) by Theophilus Monroe

Scared Shiftless

The Legend of Nyx #1

by Theophilus Monroe

Published: May 21, 2021

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Shifters, Young Adult, Paranormal, LGBTQ+


A stiletto heel through a vampire’s heart…

Who ever said you had to sacrifice fabulous for functional?

Eventually I’d find her, the one who stole my abilities.

Now I was stuck like this… in a human body... a male body...

I was scared shiftless.

I'm out for more than vengeance. I want my life back.

But even if I catch her, even if I kill the vampire who ruined my life… can I even take my shapeshifting abilities back?

Or, am I destined to stay like this forever?

Scared Shiftless is the first book in the Legend of Nyx series. If you enjoy shifter urban fantasy, vampire urban fantasy, with snarky and unlikely heroes, then you’ll enjoy this vampire hunter series. Fans of Michael Anderle, Shayne Silvers, or Linsey Hall will love Theophilus Monroe’s Legend of Nyx series. Scared Shiftless is a one-of-a-kind shape shifting LGBT-friendly adventure where a trans heroine loses her powers and must discover her new purpose.

Fans of Monroe’s Legacy of a Vampire Witch series met Nyx before in Bloody Mad. Now "Nicky" gets her chance at revenge, redemption, and romance.

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My Review:

Scared Shiftless is the beginning of a new story it is also the first book in The Legend of Nyx series. Scared Shiftless is a wonderfully written story that will draw you in from the first page to the last.

Nyx is a water elemental. A while back Nyx was bitten by a vampire who took her abilities and now she wants them back and will do whatever it takes to get them back no matter what it is she may have to do.

When Nyx was bitten she became human, a human man to be exact but Nyx feels more like a woman than a man. She is known in the human world as transgender. Nyx is only being who she feels she is. She is only trying to be herself not someone that everyone wants her to be.

Before she was bitten Nyx lived in the water and came out to feed on humans. When she came out to feed she would become whatever made the human feel safer with to make the feeding more smooth.

Nyx needs to find this vampire and eat her heart if she wants to get her abilities back. But even if she eats the vampire’s heart it is not known if she will recover her abilities or if she will go back to being what she was before.

Will Nyx find this vampire? What will happen if she does find her? What will happen to Nyx? Who will she be then? Will she stay who she is now or will she go back to what she was before?

I can’t wait to dive into the next Bat Shift Crazy to find out more about Nyx and her world.

So, so many questions, questions that can only be found by reading Scared Shiftless. Grab your copy of Scared Shiftless today to find the answers that you seek!    

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