Monday, February 20, 2023

Review: Wolf Cursed (Curse of the Alpha #1) by D. N. Leo @dnleostory

Wolf Cursed

Curse of the Alpha #1

by D. N. Leo

Published: February 20, 2023

Publisher: Narrative Land Publishing

Genre: Fantasy, Shifters, Urban Fantasy, Demon, Mage


Deadly secrets. Sinful power. Forbidden love.

Everyone in the city fears the return of dark magic, except the psychic Ivy. That is, until dark magic kills one of her clients, and threatens to send her family’s century-old private security company to its financial ruin.

Killian, the most powerful shapeshifter in the region, throws her company a lifebuoy, but in exchange, Ivy must do something she’d swore she’d never do: take on a supernatural client. Namely, Killian himself.

He needs her to protect him against a curse. At least, that’s what he tells her, though the truth is a bit more complicated than he’s let on. But Killian isn’t the only one with a secret, and when he learns hers, it may be worse than her undoing.

It may mean her death.

If you like the bite of True Blood, the whimsical world of A Discovery of Witches, and the love of Outlander, then you’ll devour D.N. Leo’s Curse of the Alpha series.

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My Review:

Wolf Cursed is the first book in a brand new series by D. N. Leo and what a great start to a new world of shifters, mages, and so much more. Wolf Cursed starts off with a blast and never lets up from start to finish with an ending that leaves you wanting more.

Wolf Cursed is loaded with twists and turns that keep the pages turning from beginning to end. The suspense alone is enough to keep those pages turning.

Ivy is trying her best to keep her family’s century-old private security company afloat but is not having much luck with that at the moment. She is picking up an odd job here and there while hoping that something better will come along soon.

She is hired by a shapeshifter to do a job for him but Ivy made a choice a long time ago to never work for anyone from the supernatural world. But if she wants to keep her business running she may not have a choice in the matter.

When no other job presents itself Ivy finally comes to the realization that she has no choice but to take the job offered. Killian asks Ivy to find a potion that he needs badly. But is not telling her everything about the job. He is hiding something from her. There is more to this job than meets the eye. What is it that Killian is keeping secret? Why is he even hiding anything? What is it that Killian is really after? Will this secret of Killian’s put Ivy’s life in danger?

I enjoyed reading Wolf Cursed very much. I liked reading about Ivy’s magic. I liked seeing her use it. I believe the magic scenes were my favorite. I could see it all in my mind as it played out. I can’t wait to see what the next book entails.

I would recommend Wolf Cursed to all fans of shapeshifters and the world of magic. Grab your copy of Wolf Cursed today!

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