Monday, February 20, 2023

Review Tour + #Giveaway: My Magical Gnome Storybook by Monika Anna Blichar @MonikaBlichar @GoddessFish

My Magical Gnome Storybook

by Monika Anna Blichar

GENRE: Children's Fiction


Magic is everywhere. You just have to believe.

Follow Edy on his magical adventures into the human world while he tries to save the last Golden Believer left on earth. A magical adventure for young and old alike!

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Long, long ago; long before the days when dragons and unicorns roamed the earth, there lived magical creatures whose home was well hidden for centuries. No one knew about these magical beings because they were so small and so very good at hiding all traces of their existence from all other creatures on Earth. For many centuries, these magical creatures, called Gnomes, were able to live in secrecy and in harmony in the Gnome Capital. The Gnome Capital of the world is known today as Wrocław, Poland. It is a remarkable place where gnomes and humans co-exist and where magic has been brewing for thousands of years. Most people don’t know, but Wrocław is the Gnome Capital of the world as it holds some of the most magical powers within the city and its people. Look it up for yourself on your computer-you’ll find out it is very true and that there are gnomes hidden all over the city! Up until the mid 1990’s, the gnomes were able to live undetected, until one day, a special chosen human saw a gnome in the Rynek, the town square of Wrocław. According to what the locals say, Lucyna saw a gnome run across the cobblestone near the entrance to the north west corner of the Flower Market. She was shopping for some sunflowers and suddenly saw a tiny gnome run across the way where today you can find a dessert shop. She couldn’t believe her eyes but for some reason, she knew she had to follow him. She dropped her flowers and ran after the little creature.

My Review:

Edy, a gnome is sent on a quest by the queen to the human world to find the last known magical believer or rather a Golden believer.

While in the human world, Edy is seen running across the floor by a human. Oh, Edy is afraid for his home world. He hopes with all his heart that he was not spotted by the girl be he knew better. What will happen to his world now?

My Magical Gnome Storybook is a sweet little book that can be enjoyed by all. It is a story about gnomes and magic. Are gnomes real? Is magic real?

Grab a copy of My Magical Gnome Storybook and join Edy on his adventures into the human world to find the last Golden believer today!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Monika Blichar is a Polish-Canadian artist, entrepreneur and the owner of Monika’s Art Boutique, Art World Expo and Painting Dreams International Art Tours. Monika has been teaching art and languages since 2006 and has a B.A. in English and French with a B.C. College of Teachers accreditation from the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada. Monika is committed to sharing her passion for art with others via projects, community events and artist retreats in Canada and Europe. She paints, designs fashion, has illustrated and written several books, and is host of The Art World Podcast. Monika has also built a team of teachers and facilitators who teach her curriculum, practices and methods to hundreds of students each month in Canada and abroad. In her free time, Monika enjoys traveling, gardening, learning and caring for animals including her dogs, cat, and chickens.

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Bea LaRocca said...

Thank you for sharing your review of My Magical Gnome Storybook, I love the cover, synopsis and excerpt and I am looking forward to reading this story with my grandchildren

Sherry said...

Sounds like a good read.

Audrey Stewart said...

Monika Anna Blichar is a new author to me, but I want to thank this blog for the introduction.

Debbie P said...

This sound like a great read.

Daniel M said...

looks like a fun one