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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Sammy The Sailing Sea Turtle by Gwendol @GoddessFish


by Gwendol

GENRE: Children's


This book is a fantasy about a little sea turtle that is born different, and an "Only." These are things he is teased about by the other "littles" in Sea Turtle City society. He overcomes this teasing/bullying with the advice of his two wise friends, Rainbow, a parrot, and Magic, a dragonfly. He also makes friends with two beautiful dolphins. He learns to look for the reasons other littles are bullies. In the end, Sammy becomes an important and loved hero in his Sea Turtle society. I wrote this story to show young people today they can become more than their disabilities if they work hard and don't give up.





By the time he and others reached the place where the water met the sand, the darkness was taken over by light from far off. The light came from the place where the farthest part of the ocean met the sky. He felt and smelled the ocean’s spray. They neared the water. The two little flippered things that had crawled over him were almost to the edge.

Then he saw it: a flying thing swooping through the fading moonlit darkness that was being taken over by the far-off light. The flying swoopy thing was visible because it was white in the fading darkness of the sky that was becoming lighter with each breaking wave. He could see the flying thing was not alone. There were many of the flying things flashing white and gray as they circled in the sky. What they were doing filled him with a strong desire to go back to the safety of the dark nothingness from which he had just come.

The flying things swooped out of the air and landed on the sand right at the edge of the water. They pecked at the little flippered things. The two little things he had been following ended up in the beaks of two of the swoopy things. Many of the other little flippered things were going to a black nothingness, but this nothingness would be inside the swooping things’ bellies. He sensed that it was not the same sort of nothingness from which he and the others had just come. His black nothingness was a place of beginning. The swoopy things’ black nothingness was a place of ending for the little flippered things.

My Review:

Sammy The Sailing Sea Turtle is a sweet heart-warming little book that kept me glued to the pages. It had its sad times but there were some very happy times indeed.

Sammy The Sailing Sea Turtle pulled me into its depths the moment I started reading it. Yeah, as I said there were times that broke my heart for dear little Sammy but there were other times when I cheered him on.

Sammy The Sailing Sea Turtle is about a dear little turtle that was born different than all the other turtles. Sammy is a very special little turtle. When Sammy started school all the other little turtles picked on him because he was different than they were. All the other little turtles never took the time to get to know Sammy and find out what kind of turtle he was.

Sammy makes a few special friends of his own who are different like him but in a different way. Meeting these new friends helped Sammy to deal with how others treated him or saw him. They helped Sammy to feel better about himself. They helped him to become a better friend to others.

Sammy The Sailing Sea Turtle is a great little story for children to come to understand that not everybody is the same. It can help them to know how bullying affects someone, about how it makes someone feel to be bullied. Sammy The Sailing Sea Turtle has many different lessons to learn.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Gwendol is a compassionate and imaginative author whose words have the power to inspire and uplift readers of all ages.



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