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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Total Eclipse of the Moon (The Crown's Wolves #3) by Zoe Forward @AuthorZForward @XpressoTours

Total Eclipse of the Moon
Zoe Forward
(The Crown’s Wolves, #3)
Publication date: August 21st 2023
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

If he doesn’t break the curse tying him and his brothers to the Crown of England as paranormal terrorist hunters, they’ll be forced to execute him.

An accidental demon possession erodes Shane Lanzo’s sanity. Sometimes he’s in control. Sometimes not. His only hope is the witch who cast the curse, which is a problem. The last two times he approached her, the feisty enchantress somehow tamed the demon inside him, but rendered him useless against his desire for her.

Madeline Edney sucks at being a witch. Her casting the curse on the lycan brothers was a fluke, and it destroyed her life. She’s been hunted by the Crown ever since to make sure she doesn’t try to undo the curse. She never expected Shane to find her so easily. He’s a temptation that promises zinger chemistry, her absolute weakness. One taste was gratifying. Two was foolish. Three has become an addiction. Lifting the curse requires she forfeit her life, but if the hunters kill her, it leaves Shane at the mercy of the Crown. Either way she dies.

Shane has a choice: freedom for his family, risking Madeline in the process or a chance at happiness with the witch who fated his brothers as prisoners for eternity.

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My Review:

Madeline Edney is a witch but she doesn’t think she is a very good one. She cast a spell on the Lycan brothers but something went wrong and she has been hunted down by the Crown ever since. The Crown wants to make sure that she never breaks the curse. They are hunting her so they can kill her that is the only way to make sure the curse is never broken.

Shane Lanzo is one of the Lycan brothers Madeline cast the curse upon. Shane has been looking for Madeline for a while he is hoping that she can the curse. The demon inside Shane has been tormenting him ever since the curse was placed upon him. Sometimes Shane is in control and sometimes the demon is.

Things start to heat up very quickly between Madeline and Shane after they meet. Madeline tries to fight whatever it is that is happening between the two but it is like an addiction. She can’t seem to help herself and the more she is around him the more she wants him. Shane tries to fight it as well but the demon inside him wants Madeline just as bad.

Can Madeline, Shane, and the demon work together long enough to find a way to break the curse? Can they break it before the Crown catch up with Madeline? Can they break the curse before both or one of them end up dead?

I totally enjoyed reading Total Eclipse of the Moon I believe more than the first two books. Don’t get me wrong I loved reading both Bad Moon Rising #1 and Under a Wicked Moon #2. I just mean that each book gets better and better.

I love the characters and the world that was created for Total Eclipse of the Moon. I really enjoyed Shane and his demon. I loved the twists that were added to the Lycans and the demons. The twists and the characters were all so very invigorating and kept me hanging on page after page.

If you like reading about shifters, demons, and witches then I highly suggest that you grab a copy of Total Eclipse of the Moon! I would also recommend that you grab a copy of Bad Moon Rising and Under a Wicked Moon while you are there. All of the books can be read as standalone. 

Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author, parent, wife, veterinarian, chocolate lover. Author of spicy paranormal and contemporary romances. Zoe Forward brings readers the perfect combination of action adventure, romance, humor and a bit of magic.

Her novels have won numerous awards including the Prism, Readers’ Choice Heart of Excellence, Golden Quill, Carolyn Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers’ Best Award.

You can find her residing in the South with a menagerie of four-legged beasts and two wild kids.

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ShirleyAnn said...

Congratulations on your new release Zoe, the book sounds really good. Thank you for the review too.

Sara said...

Thank you

Zoe Forward said...

Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Sherry said...

Sounds like a good book.

Nancy P said...

Spectacular cover

Bridgett Wilbur said...

Great cover.

Giselle said...

Thanks so much for being on the tour! :)

Zoe Forward said...

So glad you loved Madeline & Shane's story. ❤️