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Review: Anger’s Children by K.D. Rose @KDRose1@GoddessFish #Giveaway

Anger’s Children
by K.D. Rose 


Strap on your seatbelt for this whirlwind of short stories that take you out of this world—literally!

-A goddess on a mission or a young adult growing up? In the paranormal world, who's to know?

-Covert Action is supposed to mean "secret" but in a world of regulation, just what is everyone going so far out of their way to hide? Sex is a dangerous game. More than anyone could have bet.

-What if life was as simple as a game of dice or poker? What if human's lived their lives unaware that they were pawns, played on a board by those who were just a little more than human? Would fate intervene? Would love mean anything? If you were a God among humans, wouldn't you be just maybe, slightly, bored?

Life ending games? Or are they just the beginning? Dangerous. Risqué. A catch. There's always a catch. Three tales that will blow your mind.


From Under The Shadow of Wings

She had come to collect. All the places she had been before. All the places she had died. They had died. She could hear them all now. All her dead relatives. She came back to collect what was hers. What was theirs. She came back to kick some ass. She had already won. She had just come back to collect.

Playing the fate cards so fast, she caused pieces of past and future to fly by, appearing and disappearing. The onlookers—family—in her head were dizzy and not quite sure where to step.

While all of this was going on in her head, she sat in the bar of an airport, waiting for the red-eye. Her drink was Chardonnay. Next to her was a man dressed to be noticed. She guessed that with slicked-back hair and a model’s face, he was probably doing his best to feign nonchalance. He has those big, brown eyes—the ones that look at you and implore. Or seduce. Which one is he? Inside she heard her dead relatives bickering. Is he going to be the one?

They each had food and were waiting for their tab.

He finally looked at her and spoke. "I hate being held hostage by bad waiters, don’t you?" He smiled, white teeth gleaming.

She looked him over. His ticket stuck out from his jacket pocket. He would be on the same plane as her.

"Unless they’re very bad," she said with a smirk.

His red face showed that he was unprepared for her forwardness, but instead of backing down, he struck. He seemed to have recovered his confidence. "There’s no time lonelier than the night, baby," he said, looking at her like fresh meat. She hadn't controlled her body well enough. She knew her pupils had dilated at him and bet he noticed it too. He was that kind of guy.

She could hear her dead relatives. My tongue is in your ear washing grime, endless grime, off our face and hands. And the insects crawl around for their share of dead skin flakes.

Kat smiled but paid the tab she had finally been given and got up. Walking over to the elevator, she hit the down button and didn’t look back. 

My Review:

I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Anger’s Children has three short stories each with their own separate characters that each have their own roads to travel and with their own little twist that kept me flipping the pages on my Kindle so fast that I thought it was going to blow up. Each of the three stories in Anger’s Children did exactly like the cover said they would; all three will blow your mind. But in a good way mind you.

In the first story “Under the Shadow of Wings” Kat hears her dead relatives talking to her. When she meets a nice young man in an airport her dead relatives ask her if he is the one. They ask her that over and over. Kat is not sure but one thing is for sure she knows that she is attracted to him and wants him very badly.

In the second story “Eyes Only” this newspaper guy met with his contact who gave him a document with a lot of real secret stuff in it. After receiving it his life started changing like with people watching and following him. So he decides to take the paper to another guy who is in the news business. He wanted to get rid of the info real quick like and he really didn’t care how as long as he got rid of it and he never wanted to see or hear about it ever again.

The last story “The Dark Man” Stryder loved to play games but Cassandra hated playing games but she would play them sometimes when she wanted too. Stryder was Cassandra’s love, lust and loss. Cassandra and Stryder were soulmates through different times except when they became one.

As I said at the start Anger’s Children will blow your mind. It will grab a hold of you right from the very beginning and won’t let go until you have turned that last page. You won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough. If you want a little quickie, something that will blow your mind then Anger’s Children is the book for you. So go grab your copy today. 


K.D. Rose is a poet and author who currently has published "Heavy Bags of Soul", "Inside Sorrow", “I AM”, “Erasing: Shadows”, "Anger's Children: Three Shorts That Will Blow Your Mind", "A Taste for Mystery: Two Novellas" and her new release, "The Brevity of Twit".

K.D.’s book, Inside Sorrow won the Readers Favorite 2013 international Silver Medal for Poetry. With fellow authors around the globe, KD was also a founding member of the e-magazine, INNOVATE.

K.D. has an eclectic mind and loves language, physics, philosophy, photography, design, art, writing, symbolism, semiotics, spirituality, and Dr. Who. KD Rose is an avid supporter of music, the arts, cutting edge science, technology, and creativity in all forms. K.D also has a chronic illness but doesn't let it get her down. K.D. considers herself a "Spoonie" on the lam.


New Release: The Brevity of Twit.
Publisher Three Worlds Press

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Erasing: Shadows - Amazon

Angers Children: Three Shorts That Will Blow Your Mind - Amazon

Inside Sorrow - Amazon

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