Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Spotlight: The Prison Trilogy - Observer #3 by Glen Aaron @PrisonTrilogy @VBTCafe

Observer The Prison People; 

The Prison Experience Book 3

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...to living the prison experience

The last book in the Trilogy sensitively portrays author Aarons fellow inmates in Part I: their uniqueness as people, the situations that brought them to prison, the hopes of some, the hopelessness of others. In Part II, the author describes the prison experience. This third book in The Prison Trilogy is not an "oh-poor-me" tale. It is a tale written with straightforward honesty and eye-opening enlightenment unknown to the average person. Aside from being a must-read, it is entertaining.

About the Author

Glen writes both fiction and nonfiction from his forty-year career and experience as a trial lawyer and consultant in international business and banking.

His nonfiction work as the observer in The Prison Trilogy tells the tales in chronological order of how he came to be a lawyer for a Wall Street Journal heiress and her gay husband and how that representation landed him in federal prison. That is the first in The Trilogy. The second book tells the story of his cell mate, Colonel George Trofimoff, serving life for spying for the KGB, and the final book of The Trilogy describes the prisoners, Glen's experiences and takes a hard look at the American criminal justice system.

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