Thursday, July 30, 2020

Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Heir of Arcadia by Deborah Adams & Kimberley Perkins @XpressoTours

Heir of Arcadia
Deborah Adams, Kimberley Perkins
Publication date: July 24th 2020
Genres: Adult, Adventure, Science Fiction

Can Collins and Quinn call a truce long enough to survive?
Quinn’s hectic job as a s 
pecial agent keeps her busy, but never busy enough to tamp out her inconvenient attraction to CEO billionaire Julian Collins. He is usually the biggest pain in her side, but he can also be recklessly charming. When Collins asks her to open a secret investigation into his company, she worries that extra time alone with him might test her resolve to stay away.
Julian Collins always dreamed of being on Arcadia, a fictional world from his favorite video game. But lately, he’s been seeing things from the game in real life. He feels like he’s losing his mind, and now is not the time to go crazy. His company is going to be split into a dozen pieces if he can’t discover the secrets hidden in the Special Projects division.
After three years of quasi-friendship, Collins and Quinn have honed arguing into a true art form. As far as he’s concerned, she’s off-limits, but also quick-witted and sexy as hell. She’s the perfect person for the job.
As Quinn and Collins delve deeper into their investigation, secrets will lead them to things no one on earth can explain. Will they discover that searing hot kisses can be even more fun than well-placed insults when a whole new universe is spread before them?

My Review:

Julian Collins loves playing video games and dreams of being in his favorite game and living on Arcadia a world in the game. Collins begins to think he is going crazy when his video games start to leak out into the real world. Collins is a CEO at Psionic Enterprises his dad’s company.

Psionic Enterprises is falling apart and Collins must convince everyone that the company is worth saving. After doing a little investigation of his own he turns up a few things that doesn’t look quite right to him so he hires private investigator Quinn Lehi to check things out.

Lehi and Collins have this deep passion for each other but are very good at hiding it from everyone including themselves with all of their arguing. Lehi and Collins never seem to get along with each at all. They just seem to tolerate each other as best they can.

I loved this one scene between them where they had promised Collins little sister Serah that they would watch a movie with her but then an event turned up that they had to attend. Collins and Lehi discussed staying or going and decided to stay and watch the movie with Serah as they had promised her and then attend the event. This told me who they were and what kind of people they were. I connected with both characters right then and there.

Heir of Arcadia is filled with lots of action, mystery, love and it took a turn that I never saw coming and took me to places I never expected it too. This twist in the story was so awesome and exciting. Once this twist came along I was in for the whole ride then. I so loved the world that was created for Heir of Arcadia and can’t wait to read more of it and all these wonderful characters in future books to see where they will take us next.

I would recommend Heir of Arcadia to all science fiction fans and gamers well gamers that likes to read science fiction that is.

Author Bio:

DEBORAH ADAMS and KIMBERLEY PERKINS are authors of the Award-Winning Waypoint series. They are friends and coworkers sharing a love of coffee, literature, and teenagers saving the world. Both live in Huntsville, Alabama, working by day for a contractor supporting the Department of Defense, and by night writing spectacular adventures. For more information about Deborah Adams and Kimberley Perkins go to



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