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Review: Alice the Dagger (The Wonderland Court #1) by Ashley McLeo @amcleowrites

Alice the Dagger A Fae Alice in Wonderland Retelling

The Wonderland Court #1

by Ashley McLeo

Published: June 15, 2020

Publisher: Meraki Press

Genre: Young Adult, Fairy Tales, Romantic, Fantasy, Fairies, Fae


They call me the dagger.

I’m a famed assassin.

It's all I've ever known.

All that I can remember.

So when a white rabbit tells me that loved ones are waiting for me in the Wonderland Court of Faerie, it's surprising. And then, I learn something even more shocking.

The Red Queen stole the crown from my mother—who she murdered. The queen singlehandedly created my reality of death and blood and murder.

While that's devastating, I can handle it. As long as I get revenge.

What I don't know how to handle is Henri Hatter.

He’s a rebel leader loved by everyone. A man who sings in the streets because people ask for aether’s sake. A faerie who knows more about my past than anyone—including me.

A good man who could crush my heart if I let him in. Which I can't do.

Not if I want vengeance against the queen who ruined my life. Despite my claims that I work alone, Hatter and two nosey little pixies insist on sticking with me.

Only one thing is for sure, with them by my side assassinating the Red Queen will be unlike any other job I’ve ever tackled.

Alice the Dagger is a fae romance. Readers who love adventure, slow-burn romances, whimsical worlds, spunky sidekicks, and lots of action will love Alice the Dagger.

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My Review:

Alice the Dagger is a fairy tale retelling of Alice in Wonderland. I had no idea what to expect when I began reading Alice the Dagger but I must say I was happily surprised by the unique spin or twist that Ashley put Alice and her adventures.

Alice the Dagger is a light and airy read that grabbed my attention the moment I picked it up. I was definitely hooked with that first page. When I started reading Alice the Dagger my first thought was vampires, yea. But then along came a white rabbit that talked. This little white rabbit who is not actually a white rabbit gave Alice some info about her family that she never knew as she never knew her family.

Alice learns from the rabbit that she is a fae from another realm/world. This little rabbit also informs her that the Red Queen from her world killed her family. Alice wants revenge for what the Red Queen has done. She plans on making the Red Queen pay for what she has taken from her.

Alice the Dagger was a very enjoyable read that has left me with lots of good feelings. I liked the twists on all the characters. Alice the Dagger was written so well that I had no problem imagining how all the characters looked or seeing the things they were doing. I totally loved the rabbit and who he was. And of course, I liked the hatter as he seems like a real dreamboat.

I can’t wait to read more about Alice and her world to see where her story goes next. I would like to recommend Alice the Dagger to everyone. If you like fairy tale retelling then I know you will definitely love Alice the Dagger. Grab your copy of Alice the Dagger today and follow Alice down the rabbit hole to adventure land or well, wonderland!

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