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Review: Broken World (EMP Aftermath #1) by Grace Hamilton

Broken World

EMP Aftermath #1

by Grace Hamilton

Published: July 13, 2022

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic


No power. No law & order. No safety net. The world as everyone knows it is over.

Laurel is stabilizing a patient in the ER when the power goes out. As she struggles to keep her patients alive, she faces an ugly truth—the world as everyone knew it is over. The smart thing to do is run and try to survive, but Laurel refuses to leave her patients behind—least of all her sick mother. There’s only one choice to make. She’ll have to stay and fight.

Bear is done fighting. War and PTSD have cost him everything—his job, his self-respect, and his wife - Laurel. But when he can no longer deny the old world is gone, he gains a new purpose. Laurel is hundreds of miles away from his mountain cabin, but he knows she needs him.

After so long being a lost solider, he finally has something worth fighting for. The highways are clogged with dead cars. Frantic survivors want his truck, his tools, his supplies. He'll face treachery, desperation, and endless miles of unforgiving wilderness, but he's going to find his wife. Together, they can survive anything.

He just has to reach her.

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My Review:

I always enjoy a good dystopian book and let me tell you Broken World did not disappoint in any way. It held up to all my expectations and then some. I have read a lot of post-apocalyptic books and enjoyed each and everyone but I will have to say that Broken World went above and beyond anything I could have imagined.

Oh, and I loved that it involves a hospital setting as I do love watching medical drama and first responder TV shows. I also enjoy end of the world shows as well so you can just imagine how ecstatic I was to see that Broken World combined the two genres.

Broken World started off with a blast and never let up from beginning to end. Once I picked it up I was hooked and there was no way I could lay it down after that. I love this world and can’t wait to read more. The characters were all just as amazing. Broken World is told from different characters' points of view. I had no problem none what so ever in distinguishing between them as a matter of fact it was quite easy to do so.

Broken World tells the story of a doctor and her life in the ER after the lights went out. Laurel stayed on the job when many others walked out. Laurel was not about to abandon her patients when they needed her most. Besides her mother was in the hospital with cancer.

When things start to go from bad to worse the one person Laurel always thought she could trust is not the person she thought him to be. Supplies are running low. How can they run a hospital and save all these people without the proper equipment?

When the power went out everyone had to go back to doing things old school. With no power, say good buy to all those little devices that make everything easier and say hello to paper and pens. The doctors and nurses are going to have to rely more on their brains than machines to make their diagnoses.

Bear, Laurel’s husband is miles away living off the grid when the lights go out. Bear decides to make his way back to Laurel as he knows she is going to need him now. Bear suffers from PTSD after serving in the war.

Bear and his dog Jessamine load up his truck and hit the road. He knows that people will try to take his truck and his supplies. They meet some interesting people along the way some good and some not so good. But Bear is determined to make it to Laurel if it is the last thing he does. It is a hard and tough journey but Bear will not give up. He has found something worth fighting for again.

I highly recommend Broken World to all post-apocalyptic fans! One-click your copy of Broken World today! 

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