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Review: The Girl in the Lifeboat by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts

The Girl in the Lifeboat

Novels of the Titanic #2

by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts

Published: July 15, 2022

Publisher: Emerge Publishing

Genre: History, Historical Fiction, Sea Stories, Romance



She has survived the sinking of the Titanic; will she survive the White Star Line’s attempts to silence her?

April 1912: Runaway aristocrats Poppy and Daisy Melville sign on as stewardesses for the Titanic’s maiden voyage. After their harrowing rescue by the Carpathia, they are forbidden from disembarking in New York and sent back to England with the other survivors of the Titanic’s crew.

Soon they learn that the White Star Line will stop at nothing, including murder, to prevent the truth of the disaster’s cause from emerging.

Daisy, a beautiful young woman used to getting her way, harbors a secret that raises the stakes even higher. Where was she while the ship was sinking and why is she stalked from New York back to England?

Poppy must protect her sister from a vengeful murderer by uncovering the real cause of the sinking.

The Girl in the Lifeboat is the second book in Eileen Enwright Hodgetts’ “Novels of the Titanic” series. She intricately weaves fact and fiction to expose a disturbing truth about the shipwreck that changed the world. If you like dynamic heroines, little-known but meticulously researched facts, and a touch of romance, then you’ll find yourself completely immersed into the aftermath of the Titanic.

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My Review:

The Girl in the Lifeboat is a story about the Titanic and what happened on that awful night. The Girl in the Lifeboat is a story written in fiction but weaves in some very real truths. Some characters are fictional but some are real people that were actually on the Titanic when it sank.

I love any and all stories that involve the Titanic. The Girl in the Lifeboat kept me glued to the pages from beginning to end as I watched as each character's stories were revealed.

The Girl in the Lifeboat tells the story of two sisters who left their home to sail to America. Their father barely knows there alive. The only reason he probably knows they are alive is that they are a reminder that he has no sons to rule after his death.

One of the sisters wants to go to America to be an actress, the other one, the older one has always looked after her sister and couldn’t let her go alone. Polly and Daisy were working on the Titanic as stewardesses to pay for their tickets or passage.

The night the ship sank one of the sisters took something that didn’t belong to her worth a lot more than she thought as she surely didn’t have a clue as to what she had taken. She thought she had gotten away without anyone seeing her but alas that was not the case. Daisy and her sister Polly are chased all the back home by the person she stole from. He is determined to get back what belongs to him no matter what the cost.

In order to try and save her sister, Polly looks into the real reason the Titanic sank as someone is doing everything possible to keep the truth from what really happened that night a secret. What do they have to hide? What really happened on that night on April 14, 1912? Who is the person chasing Polly and Daisy?

I enjoyed reading The Girl in the Lifeboat tremendously. Once I opened it up and read that first page I was sunk as it pulled me deeper and deeper into its depths and the world around me was no more. As the ending came insight I was slowly pulled back to the real world once again. I hated to see that Polly and Daisy's story had come to an end.

I am now sitting and pondering over Daisy and Polly’s story as I write their review for The Girl in the Lifeboat, something I will do for a long time to come. I am also anxiously awaiting the next story in the Novels of the Titanic. Whose story will be told next?

I highly recommended The Girl in the Lifeboat to all fans of the sinking of the Titanic. One-click your copy of The Girl in the Lifeboat today on a tragic journey as the Titanic sinks into the North Atlantic Ocean!

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