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Review: Chaotic World (EMP Aftermath #2) by Grace Hamilton

Chaotic World

EMP Aftermath #2

by Grace Hamilton

Published: August 10, 2022

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic


Society falls. Anarchy rises. Courage endures…

Laurel survived the collapse of civilization. In the aftermath of a devastating EMP disaster, she fought to turn Minneha Hospital into a place of refuge. Now, the hospital has become a beacon of hope—but a beacon can attract predators, too.

Predators like Arlo, the brutal leader of a ruthless gang. Desperate to save his dying son, Arlo takes over the hospital and gives Laurel an impossible ultimatum: save his terminally ill boy… Or watch everyone she cares for die.

Meanwhile, Laurel’s husband Bear continues his trek across Minnesota, alone save for his loyal dog, Jessamine. The last time he teamed up with a fellow survivor, he was betrayed and almost killed. Now he keeps to himself, as the remnants of society turn to violence and bloodshed in a savage fight for survival.

Bear can take care of himself—but it’s cold, and it’s getting colder. And if he wants to reach Laurel before winter hits, he’ll have to do the unthinkable.

He’ll have to trust someone…

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My Review:

Laurel, Bear, and Jessamine are all back in Chaotic World. The world has collapsed caused of an EMP. Laurel is trying to keep her hospital and everyone afloat and safe from all the evil that has broken out since the world collapsed.

Bear, Laurel’s husband is still on the road trying to make his way to her but he keeps coming up against some very bad people who keep shooting at him. If Bear wants to find Laurel he is going to have to do it quickly as winter is setting in and that means snow is on the horizon.

If Bear is going to make it to Laurel before the winter sets in then he is going to have to do something he really doesn’t want to do and that is trust someone because he is not going to make it alone.

Meanwhile back at the hospital, a man has brought his young son to the hospital demanding that Laurel save him. His son is very sick and dying. Arlo has promised to kill everyone Laurel cares about if she does not save his dying son. Laurel has tried to explain to him that she is doing the best she can for his son but they are running out of the medicine that he needs.

There is another hospital close by that may have the medicine they are looking for. Laurel convinces Arlo to take his son there as they may have the medicine his son needs. Arlo decides to take him but Laurel has to go with them to ensure that the people at the other hospital help them.

Their journey is long and hard. Laurel, Arlo, and his gang run up on more of the evil that has been unleashed upon the world. With the whole world in chaos, humans are afraid and are attacking each other wanting what the other has. The thing is how do they know if anyone has any supplies at all when they attack? The people are afraid that they are going to run out of food so the evil ones decide to take what they want. Well, they all may not be evil as much as just afraid and hungry.

The characters are what make Chaotic World so great. I mean they all seem so believable and real. They felt like someone you would like to get to know. Someone you would want to be friends with. Laurel seems like such a good person who can get along with anyone if they would allow it. I could see Laurel when she was talking to Arlo. The more you get to know the characters the more you realize that maybe their not as bad as you first thought. That they are not the people you believed them to be after all.

Chaotic World is a fast-paced read that kept me hanging on the edge of my seat not able to turn the pages as fast as I would have liked. It had me racing to the end to see how it was all going to turn out.

I have been loving this world that Grace Hamilton has created for EMP Aftermath as well as all the characters. I can’t wait to read more in this world. I can’t wait for the next book.

I highly, highly recommend Chaotic World to all dystopian fans! Grab your copy of Chaotic World today!

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