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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Lawful Good Thief by T. L. Ford @GoddessFish

Lawful Good Thief

by T. L. Ford

GENRE: Light Fantasy


Lawful Good Thief is a light fantasy thieves guild adventure novel about a girl's ascension to Master Thief. Dagger throwing, fighting, torture, revenge, escapes, unwise intimacy, accidental death, and, obviously, thieves.

Lawful Good Thief


"Your Master appears in good health." She implied that he would be geased for many years yet.

"He is. He's not happy about losing his toy to you."

She suspected this was as close as he could get to warning her. It was unlikely that Guildmaster de Red Cliff would allow her to leave with his prize. "I am planning to depart very soon, actually." She replied, acknowledging the threat. "I have a few more stops to make on my tour before Siedes. Will you be going?"

"If my Master goes." He walked around the table and across the room to look out the portal. She'd been waiting for him to get far enough away. She pulled out the magic scroll.

He turned when he heard the noise. She was not surprised, just disappointed - any edge would have been useful. "This is a gift from my Master."

"You do know I could kill you just as easily from here as I could if I were standing next to you?"

"Yes, you're very fast." She was hoping she'd be just a shade faster. This was a tricky thing and if the scroll failed, she'd have one very upset master assassin displeased with her. Flippantly, she added, "I'd personally prefer you look out the portal a moment while I get myself together."

He gazed at her incredulously.

My Review:

Angela Thomas and her mother barely get by on what her mother makes as a seamstress. The first day Angela goes to school they want money for books and other things, money that Angela and her mom don’t have. Angela makes a decision right there and then. She decides not to go to school or tell her mother.

At first, Angela goes to town and just hangs out and hides whenever necessary. She spots a group of boys playing in the streets. She watches them for a few days and then decides that she wants to play with them. So Angela joins their little group. Later she learns that the boys are doing more than just playing in the streets.

The boys are thieves who work for the Guildmaster. After the boys observe Angela for a few days they decide that she is good enough to become a part of their world. The boys take Angela to meet with the Guildmaster himself.

Joining up with the thieves requires more hard work than she anticipated. The Guildmaster sees something in Angela that he has not seen in a long time. He believes her to be a special little lady.

Lawful Good Thief was a very addictive read that caught my attention from the first page. It reminded me of Oliver Twist in so many different ways. The descriptions were so well written that I had no problem at all seeing it all play out in my head from the first word. Lawful Good Thief is filled with lots of action from the first page to the last. I loved the world and the time period that was created for Lawful Good Thief.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

T. L. Ford is a programmer, writer, and artist. She spent most of her professional career supporting the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in southern Maryland. Her fantasy novels are heavily influenced by Dungeons & Dragons and by both playing and running live-action role-playing games (LARPs) at conventions. These books are designed to be fun, fast weekend reads, while her science fiction novels explore possibilities. She's also created two art books, a thriller novella, and an interactive math iBook. She enjoys sailing, hiking, and spending time with her family.

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nice cover

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Thank you! That is... an island sunset I took a picture of on vacation once, a silhouette of a ship from a different photo, my hand holding a pen, with the pen replaced by a dagger, with a leather jacket wrapped around the base for a handle/hilt, with a picture of the moon I took, my hand again, the blade of a knife, and a man's face and hood I drew in Photoshop.

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What a great excerpt and cover.

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