Thursday, August 18, 2022

Review: Red Mud River (A Callow and Oakley FBI Thriller #1) by DW Viergutz, pen name for David Viergutz

Red Mud River

A Callow and Oakley FBI Thriller

by DW Viergutz

Published: July 27, 2022

Genre: Horror, Thriller


Bound by their hands and legs. Dumped and left to freeze. First there was one. Then there were two. Now there is panic.

The latest victim was like the others — abandoned in the outskirts of El Paso. Exposed to the elements, the victims are left to die alone in the cold.

The FBI’s elite serial killer identification team, The Behavioral Analysis Unit, dispatches their top criminal profiler, Genevieve Callow and her esteemed partner, Marcus Oakley, to track down the elusive killer. The killer is crafty. Smart. Completely deranged.

In the midst of the investigation, another girl is taken, and the killer sets the countdown clock. People cower in their homes. Nobody feels safe.

What could drive someone to such violence? And why?

Unfortunately for Agent Callow, the trail is as cold as the victim’s bodies — sub-zero. The case proves to be the most difficult she’s ever worked, and the bodies are piling up.

If she fails, the mud will run red with more blood. He won’t stop.

Can Callow piece together the clues before the killer claims another life?

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My Review:

Red Mud River is a great start to a new series the Callow and Oakley FBI Thriller. Red Mud River has everything you could ever ask for in an FBI thriller novel. It has the suspense that keeps you glued to the pages racing to the end to see who did it. It has all the mystery that pulls you in deep leaving you wanting more and more.

I love stories like Red Mud River. I like seeing how a profiler works. I like seeing them pull a case together. I like seeing their minds work when they are trying to put together a case and trying to figure out a person, like who they are and why they do the things they do, and why they do them the way they do.

Stories like this are so intense and will keep you on the edge of your seat hurrying the characters along on the case as you want to know all about it now. Red Mud River is a story just like this, a story where you can’t flip those pages fast enough.

I love watching stories like Red Mud River on TV and I do believe that Red Mud River would make a great TV series.

Grab your copy of Red Mud River and watch as Callow and Oakley try to find a serial killer!  

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