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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Secrets We Keep by Valeriya Goffe @GoffeV @GoddessFish


Valeriya Goffe

GENRE: Women's Fiction


A rising star that fell...

Anna Levenko was set to become the next "it girl" in tennis. The first Ukrainian prophesied to win a Grand Slam… And then everything changed. Years later, with a business degree behind her, an unpaid job keeping her busy, and a family that means well, Anna can't help but dream of something bigger. What's one little white lie in the grand scheme of things?

But her dream job isn't just sunshine and roses. Her first project takes her to Tanzania, and everything that could go wrong, does. Not to mention her woeful love life. Will she ever reach the life she's worked so hard for? Or is success just not in the cards for Anna?

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Africa is not a continent, it’s a planet of its own,” Jean continued. “It’s the land of miracles. Africa gives youth to the old, courage to the fainthearted, peace to the angry. Every time I come here, I feel like a child on Christmas morning—impatient to find out what incredible gifts have been prepared for me this time. This place fills my heart with tremendous happiness. Once you’ve set your foot in Africa, you’ll come again and again! This land holds so many secrets, but it can also make all your most cherished dreams come true. I know it won’t be easy to find your grandfather’s family, but don’t give up even for a second. It will be so worth it. You’ll see.”

Right then, the waiter brought their drinks. Anna got a glass of white wine and Jean a Kilimanjaro beer.

Cheers!” Jean said as they clinked their glasses. “For the success of the Tourism Institute of Zanzibar!”

At that moment, the radiant sun started setting and the sky magically began changing its color from bright blue into a hot orange. The wind subsided and nature was so peaceful and quiet. The sun looked like an enormous fire ball glittering right above the horizon; its long golden beams reflecting in the water. The ocean now looked dark and gray, and several fairy-tale like dhow boats with their sharp sails were slowly rocking up and down the waves. The boats effortlessly glided from one side of the ocean to another, as if they were playing catch-up with each other. Who were the people sailing in them? What were their lives like?

My Review:

Anna Levenko is a rising tennis star from Ukraine. Anna wants nothing more than to play tennis for the rest of her life. Anna was destined to be the next star until an injury to her shoulder put a stop to her tennis career.

Over the years Anna had jobs but none that she liked but it was a way of making money. But then one day her chance came when she got an interview with an environmental company Polaris in the United States.

After arriving for her interview with Polaris Anna didn’t think that she was going to get the job. The interview was very tough. Polaris only hires the best. I wasn’t so sure that Anna was going to get the job either as there was this one person who seemed to only care about herself and no one else. This person lived to step on hers even if they were not in her way. If she could slap someone down then she did it.

I enjoyed reading Secrets We Keep way more than I ever thought I would. There were times when it became very intense. That one character riled me up more than once. I just couldn’t believe that someone would behave in such a way.

I love the title Secrets We Keep as it fits very well. I believe that I know one of the secrets that it was holding very well. But if you think about it we all probably have secrets of some kind that we hold close to our hearts whether they be good or bad, right?

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Valeriya Goffe was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine and spent most of her adult life in the United States. She resides in Washington DC together with her husband and young daughter. Valeriya works for a large international development organization, leading financial sector development projects in various countries. She holds a PhD degree from the Kyiv National University of Economics in Ukraine and an MBA degree from the Kogod School of Business, American University in Washington DC. She is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder. Valeriya is trilingual in English, Russian, Ukrainian and also speaks French and Spanish.

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Thank you so much for reviewing today.

Valeriya Goffe said...

Thanks so much for your thoughtful review of Secrets We Keep! I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed the book.

Marcy Meyer said...

The cover looks great. Sounds like a good story.

Edgar Gerik said...

"Secrets We Keep" by Valeriya Goffe is a captivating women's fiction novel that delves into the complexities of relationships and the power of secrets. It's a must-read for anyone who loves a compelling and emotional story.

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I liked the excerpt.

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I like the excerpt and think the book sounds good.

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Love the gorgeous cover

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This looks very promising. Thanks for hosting this tour.

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I would ask the author: Have you changed any ending after writing it?

Damaris Maidana said...

I would ask the author: How long does your documentation process take?

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looks like a fun one