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Book Blitz: Travel the Continents and be Back Before Bed by Robert McFadden III @RABTBookTours



Children’s Book

Date Published: February 2021



Are you looking for the best read-aloud book for early readers or just  an adventurous bedtime story to inspire and help the young, inquisitive  minds of kids develop their knowledge and imagination?

Get ready for an exciting journey with this brightly illustrated and  artistic adventure for readers. The author takes the kids on a fantastic  journey across continents with this soothing bedtime narrative.

In this insightful children's book, rendered in basic vocabulary for  easy reading, kids will learn about fascinating wild animals from  different parts of the world. From the giant elephants of Africa to the  playful pandas of Asia- you’ve got a relaxing sleep aid for those  fun-seeking kids.

With colorful illustrations and interesting facts, “Travel the  Continents and Be Back Before Bed" is the perfect children's book for  bedtime reading.

Join us on a fantastic adventure as we travel the continents and meet  fascinating animals. From the giant Elephants of Africa to the playful

pandas of Asia, this book will take you on a journey like no other.  Packed with colorful illustrations and fun facts, it's the perfect  bedtime read for young explorers. So grab your passport and get ready to  go on a wild adventure - and be back before bed!


About the Author

Robert McFadden III discovered his passion for writing for kids when his first son was born. As he began sharing joyful stories with his kid to make his growing family happy, little did Robert know that a journey into writing delightful children's books had started.

Simultaneously managing the tasking reality of parenthood and being in graduate school, Robert suddenly found solace in crafting imaginative tales instead of tackling homework.

The desire to make Children happy is his newfound joy, and he cherishes every opportunity to create heartwarming adventures that will inspire kids and bring smiles to their faces.

A loving husband and father of two fantastic boys, what Robert started as a pastime soon blossomed into a fulfilling creative adventure.

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