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Among Thorns and Stardust

by Hayley Anderton

Published: March 12, 2024

Genre: Fairy Tale, Retelling, Science Fiction, Anthology


The sky was never the limit. 

What if Snow White lived in a virtual world where the lines of reality are too blurred? What if Cinderella's ugly step-sister was half made of metal and springs? What if Sleeping Beauty slipped into a hundred years of cryo sleep?

Seven authors join forces to reimagine your favorite fairy tales as new sci-fi adventures filled with space, tech, magic, charm, and of course: happily ever afters.

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Among Thorns and Stardust

My Review:

Among Thorns and Stardust has stories many stories about love in different forms. It has betrayal. There are stories about people who have been locked up all their lives. People are locked in towers. People who have not been outside their homes. They do not know what goes on in the world around them. They have been taken out of society to keep safe for one reason or another.
Among Thorns and Stardust is filled with action that keeps the pages turning. Each story will keep you wanting to know what is on the next page and wondering where the story is going. When you finish one story you can’t wait to dive into the next.

Into the Arms of Morpheus by Amy Johnson

My Review:

All her life Liana’s parents have tried to keep her safe from a monster by hiding her from the outside world. Liana has never been allowed to travel like her friends. Her parents have never even told her why they have hidden her away. But one day Liana does something very dangerous to herself and her world. What is going to happen to Liana and her home now? What will happen to Liana? Will everything ever be the same again?

Everything Made Beautiful by Dawn Christine Jonckowski

My Review:

A world where beauty is bought and paid for if you can afford it that is. Briallen was disfigured in an accident when she was a child. She keeps to herself hiding in the shadows hoping no one will see her. Briallen’s family can’t afford the cost of surgery to make her look better. Then one day she is mistaken for someone else at a ball. Briallen’s life will never be the same after this meeting.

Skyscaper by Hayley Alderton

My Review:

Rapunzel has been locked away in a tower all her life never questioning the reason behind her mother keeping her locked up. She has never seen the outside world before. She knows nothing of the things that go on there. Until the day a man appears on her balcony promising to take her away and show her the world. After meeting this handsome stranger Rapunzel starts to question why she has been locked up for so long.

Aliandra by Destiny Eve

My Review:

Aliandra has never seen the world outside her home. Then one day she meets a thief who changes her world forever. Aliandra’s world has just gotten bigger she is now fighting in a war on a spaceship.

Stardust and Steel by Meri Benson

My Review:

Andromina’s father goes missing. So she sets out to find him. She will go wherever she needs to to find him even if she is not allowed to go there. She will travel the galaxy to worlds unknown to find her father.

Just a Byte by Marie Sinadjan

My Review:

Someone tries to kill Blanche. Afterward, she finds herself going up against her stepmother and The Corporation. After it is all over who will come out on top Blanche or her stepmother?

Wild Swan Chase by Meghan Thomlinson

My Review:

Lark thinks she may have found the man of her dreams. Well, that is until she learns that he is stealing from her brother. Will she ever be able to trust him after this? Why is he stealing from her brother? But she needs him to help her save her brothers.

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