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Review: Kissing Kin (Trans-Pecos #1) by Karen Hulene Bartell @HuleneKaren

Kissing Kin

Trans-Pecos #1

Karen Hulene Bartell

Published: March 13, 2024

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Genre: Ghost, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal


Maeve Jackson is starting over after a broken engagement—and mustering out of the Army. No job and no prospects, she spins out on black ice and totals her car.

When struggling vintner Luke Kaylor stops to help, they discover they’re distantly related. On a shoestring budget to convert his vineyard into a winery, he makes her a deal: prune grapevines in exchange for room and board.

But forgotten diaries and a haunted cabin kickstart a five-generational mystery with ancestors that have bones to pick. As carnal urges propel them into each other’s arms, they wonder: Is their attraction physical…or metaphysical?

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My Review:

Kissing Kin is a beautifully written romantic story that goes back and forth from the past to the present weaving in a ghost or two. Kissing Kin pulled me in from the very beginning and had me chopping at the bit barely able to stay rooted to my chair as it pulled my emotions in different directions.

Kissing Kin kept me in suspense from page one. I tried my best to figure out what was going on but this one liked holding on to its secrets right up until the end. I couldn’t figure out if there was a ghost or not. It had me wondering big time although I thought I knew what may have been happening. Was the ghost coming from the past or the present? Hee-hee…

After her engagement ended and after leaving the Army Maeve Jackson decided to go looking into her family history. She finds some old journals from the past and after reading these journals Maeve’s life is turned upside down as things start to spiral out of control. One bad thing after another starts to happen. Her ex decides to show up on her doorstep to try and get Maeve to take him back but she has moved on with vintner Luke Kaylor.

Kissing Kin is a fun romantic ghostly story. It is very well written. The characters seem like people you would like to know in the real world. When I was reading Kissing Kin I felt as if I was a part of its world. It had me jumping on several occasions. I couldn’t believe all the bad luck that Maeve and Luke were going through.

I enjoyed reading Kissing Kin so much that I highly recommend it to anyone who likes reading romantic stories. Grab a copy of Kissing Kin today!

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