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Promo Blitz: A Sharia London by Vinay Kolhatkar @RABTBookTours

Suspense / Thriller
Date Published: April 28, 2016

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“Sometimes, fiction digs deeper and further into the truth.”
“This novel is a rarity these days: plotting, imagery, dialogue, scene-setting, characterization -- all masterfully done. I couldn't put it down.”—P. Cresswell, Editor, Not PC
“A Sharia London elevates a great thriller into literary Romanticism.”—W. Donway, Founder, Romantic Revolution Books
“Expect to be upset by this book, to be shocked, to be excited - and to enjoy every minute of the experience.”—M.M. Lewis, Entrepreneur Coach

A forbidden love draws the Mafia into fighting Radical Islam

An affair between Marlon, a politically correct history teacher, and Jamila Khan, his young student, must be kept a secret. Jamila works covertly toward liberating women oppressed by radical Islamism.

As Marlon awakens to the dark underbelly of orthodox Islam, a turn of events leads to Marlon becoming a fugitive charged with murder. Jamila’s testimony can free him, but her eyewitness account could incur a death fatwa from the Islamic orthodoxy. Marlon won’t let her risk herself.

Hunted by Scotland Yard, and betrayed by England, Marlon must now work with the men he once loathed—his Sicilian uncles. Jamila’s life, and his, depend on it.

About the Author

Vinay Kolhatkar is the author of A Sharia London, a romantic thriller in which a forbidden love draws the Mafia into fighting Radical Islam, and The Frankenstein Candidate, a literary fiction novel about a billionaire who runs in a U.S. presidential election as an independent. Vinay studied screenwriting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art and The Story Department in Sydney and at ScreenwritingU (LA) and has written screenplays for film and television. He likes to merge screenwriting techniques such as cliffhanger scene endings and sub-textual dialogue, with character transformation and literary prose, to accomplish a cinematic novel.

Vinay is the Editor-in-chief of, and a columnist at, Savvy Street (, an e-zine dedicated to furthering Individualism. He obtained a Masters degree in Journalism with High Distinction from UNSW.

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