Monday, June 27, 2016

Blurb Blitz + #Giveaway: 26 Hours in Paris by Demi Alex @DemiAlex2U @GoddessFish

26 Hours in Paris
by Demi Alex
GENRE:  Erotic Romance


One day to see the sights.

One night to change your life. .
Magazine writer Kathryn Taylor is traveling from New York to Paris for work. But the flirtatious Frenchman she left long ago is waiting at the airport--and he wants to play. . .

No one can guide Kat through the sensual city's delights like Marko Renard. He let her get away once, and now he's determined to make her stay--even if he has to tie her down. He will wrap her in cashmere, tease her tongue with chocolate, and take her to the peak of the Eiffel Tower . . . But can he convince the bohemian beauty she belongs with him, in his luxuriously decadent world? In business, he's the master--but it's Kat's body and soul he truly longs to rule. He has just enough time to show her the pleasures of the boulevards, the boulangeries--and the bedroom. To finally get her to just say oui, he'll have to seize the day--and the night. . .

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Kat was a damn good journalist, as was Charlie. She’d worked her ass off and done her time, as had Charlie. But, shit. Kathryn wanted her byline so bad, she could practically see the ink on the paper as their boss proposed the assignment. She had to enter the arena and fight for her career.

“Get out there. Do your research,” Paul said, raising his arm and circling his hand above his head. “Lasso someone that makes your body hum, and write about the perfect place to find love, ladies.”

“Seriously, Paul? Lasso someone that makes our bodies hum?” Kat rolled her eyes. Like those kinds of men were easy to find. With the same amount of exaggeration Paul had exhibited, Kathryn swept her arm through the air and landed the back of her hand across her forehead. “Wait. Hold on a minute. Wait . . . wait. I’m seeing a handsome man, in a far-off and romantic place, sweeping me off my feet.”

Actually, she could envision someone, someone in a far-off place, sweeping her off her feet—in her dreams. But no one in New York fit the bill or compared to that distant someone.

“Paris is romantic,” Kathryn admitted in a low voice.


Demi Alex writes steamy romances, blending emotional fulfillments of the heart and carnal desires in her work. Born in Athens, Greece, and raised in her own version of a big fat Greek life in New York, Demi was infected with book and travel bugs early, and currently admits the only therapy for this condition is to combine the two in fictional stories that allow her characters to let loose and experience all they crave. She attended SUNY at Stony Brook, and after changing her major numerous times, graduated with a degree in Public Policy and International Studies. Her characters are loosely based on people she encounters while she travels or during the time she spends matching homes to owners as a Realtor. She simply has a passion for matchmaking that can’t be put to rest.


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Demi Alex said...

Great to be here. Thanks so much for hosting!
I'll be dropping in during the day for a bit of chit chat and any questions from readers.
Happy Monday.
Demi <3

Mai T. said...

The covers of your books are stunning. Do you have a say in them and how does the creative process work?

Demi Alex said...

Actually, Mai, I don't, but I do get to submit an 'art' form of some kind. It describes characters and their features. However, Peter, my editor, is wonderful in knowing what I want and how I picture the cover. He always goes the extra mile on them when requesting and reviewing them, and I can't say I mind! :-)

Bea LaRocca said...

Hi Demi!
Congrats on your New Release! I am always curious to know, are you able to write or read when it's noisy or do you need silence to concentrate as I do?

Demi Alex said...

Thanks for the question, Bea.

Noise-but not anything I need to respond to. So, no questions or conversation. lol The silence isn't in volume for me, since I enjoy the background noise.

I actually write anywhere--in a city park, on a picnic table, a cafe, and even at home. When home and at my desk, I have a specific playlist for each manuscript. I share these songs in my #DeskDancing tweets @DemiAlex2U or on Facebook. The playlist is typically 12-18 months ahead of a books release. For example, today has been all about book 3 in the International Affairs series--all Mykonos beach songs!
Can you guess any song on 26 Hours in Paris's playlist? (Adele had one on there then and has a new one on the current playlist.)

Hope your writing has been productive today.