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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Ties of Smoke by Claudia Herring @claudiakherring @GoddessFish

Ties of Smoke
by Claudia Herring
GENRE: Fantasy


Lady Lavinia Bramley is master of a Djinni.

Lavinia runs away from her husband to make a life with the djinni Yasir, but it’s not what she thought, not pearls and flying carpets and wishes come true . . .

Her desperate efforts to find happiness with Yasir are foiled by her husband’s reappearance, murder attempts by the jealous magician who cursed Yasir to the urn, and Yasir’s desire for revenge.

Lavinia finds love, and loyalty, are as ephemeral as ties of smoke.


Chapter 8: page 3-4

“ . . . not any blood type I’ve ever seen, not in the ABO or Rh group. He doesn’t fall into any of the known genotype-phenotype distinctions.” The baritone voice in the distinct accent of the Indos wavered into Yasir’s burgeoning consciousness.

“You drew his blood?” A woman’s voice, cool, aristocratic.

“Of course, Dr. Kushner, it’s standard proce—”

“Dr. Senei,” her tone flattened. “We have our orders, I went over them—”

“But he-he’s not human. I’ve never seen anything li—”

“It doesn’t matter if he’s a giraffe. We were told not to draw blood.”

“But his condition is worsening. We are doc–tors.” Dr. Senei’s voice broke.

“This is a private hospital. We are doctors to our patrons. And we do what they want.”

“The patient needs help. Do you want him to die? Does our patron want him to die?” Desperation jumped his voice to a higher register.

“Dr. Senei, our patron wants his patient kept alive and drugged. His wound must not heal totally.” Yasir heard her take a deep breath. “You said it yourself. This man is not human. And I will tell you what no one else knows.” She paused. “He has great powers. If this wound heals, even if he’s drugged, he may escape. Our patron also has great powers. Do you want him to find out it was you who allowed his patient to escape, to grow strong enough to use his powers?”

“I-I have never— I am a doctor. I took an oath—”

“You also signed a contract. It clearly states that our oath is subject to our patron’s wishes. And he pays you a considerable sum.” Her voice was cold. “Perhaps you need a little time to reread the contract. To rethink what you want to do here.”

The sweep of the heavy door and subsequent footsteps drowned out the hum of the machines. “Dr. Senei may have breached his contract.” The woman’s stern voice stopped the shuffling. “We have protocol for that.”

“What?” Dr. Senei’s voice shrilled above the scraping shoes. The blow of a fist on flesh. “Ooof. My glasses!” The clink and snap of metal. “I am not a criminal. No!” A sharp cry. “What is in that? You can’t drug me. I haven’t done any—”

“Here?” Her timbre sharp. “You did it here? Can’t I trust you?”

 “He was getting hysterical.” A deep voice suppressed to a hoarse rasp. “Did you want all the doctors and nurses to—”

The sound of someone running. The door banged open. “Did you need help in here?” A silent pause. The machines hummed, smooth and efficient. “I thought I heard— Oh. Dr. Senei. Who put cuffs on him? I don’t think he’s breath—”

Quiet settled in the room.

Had they left? Yasir lay still, listening.


Claudia Herring aspired to be a baton twirler when she was five and an archaeologist at thirteen. When she became a graphic designer and an author of fantasy, she decided she'd hit upon the perfect compromise.

Along the way she worked as a gift wrapper, a server in a Mexican restaurant at an amusement park (where she rode the Black Dragon at midnight—an actual ride, not a sexual allusion) and an illustrator in medical graphics (where they featured videos on wound healing during lunch) at the Texas Medical Center.

Her novel, His Master's Bride, a historical fantasy with romantic elements set in Regency England, won first prize in the Houston Writer's Guild Novel Competition. Ties of Smoke is the second in the series The Djinn Chronicles.

When she's not delving into the world of the Djinn, Claudia is practicing yoga to go to that hushed space where she imagines and plots her next fantasy novel.

If you like Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series or Carol Berg’s Soul Mirror series you'll love His Master’s Bride and Ties of Smoke.

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