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The Giver of Life Trilogy Book 3
by Kristy Centeno
Genre: YA Paranormal 

Leah Parker’s fate had always been controlled by others—who she loved and who she lost. Five years after the tragic murder of her daughter’s father, she’s done everything in her power to protect her little girl from the outside world. But she’s rebelled against fate in the past and no act of defiance goes unpunished in the Enchanter community.

The ultimate power wants to correct the damage done by Jae and the only way they can do that is by getting rid of her special child—a child destined to replace all branches of Enchanter magic one day.

But, Leah isn’t willing to go down without a fight. She will do anything to save what Jae died to protect, even if she must turn against the Circle of Elders. But when her first love, Brandon Morris walks back into her life, Leah knows nothing will ever be the same again.

Leah must confront her past, before she and her daughter are erased from her family line. She must get over her guilt and rely on Brandon to ensure her daughter’s survival. But will the pain from their past destroy their friendship forever? Or will their old bond hold them together and carry them through what’s ahead?

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“If…” I trailed off. My internal alarm buzzed as first one charm then another was tripped. Wires of magic I’d set up to prevent evil from trespassing were cut off. Something or someone had dared to set foot in my property.  

And it was moving closer.  

“Mommy!” Lily cried out. She felt it too. Danger was near.  

I broke free of Brandon’s hold and rushed into the living room. I picked Lily up and hugged her to me as darkness filled the windows, blocking out the sunlight. It was as if a solar eclipse was in full swing in our little neck of the woods, obstructing the rays of light that had been peeking through the blinds just seconds ago.  

The sudden presence was oppressing. Heavy. It fell over the area like a blanket of stormy clouds about to unleash its fury on nature. The boards on the porch whined as an unseen mass applied pressure to them. I followed the noise to the front door, shifting ever so slightly to my right as the sounds stopped at the other side.  

Dmitri sprinted to the door with murder in his eyes. He rested his hand on the knob, but I shouted at him to stop.  

“Don’t let it in here,” I yelled. He looked at me but said nothing.  

I spun on my heels with a shaking Lily in my arms and sprinted to my bedroom. I knelt next to the trunk and opened it, then removed the fan from within. 

“What are you doing?” Brandon asked behind me.  

“Getting Lily out of here.” I unsheathed the fan and concentrated. Opening the portal to Mr. Hwang’s hidden paradise would require more magic indoors as opposed to outside, but I didn’t have much of a choice. If I had to fight for our lives, I’d prefer for Lily to be safe somewhere far from evil’s grasp. Even if that meant diminishing my stock before a battle. 

It has been five years since Leah watched her little girl’s father killed right in front of her eyes. Leah’s little girl is special and has special powers that others would like to snuff out. Leah keeps her little girl in hiding all the time from the Circle of Elders and others that want to take her little girls powers or her life.

When a dark and evil creature steps back into their lives wanting to destroy Leah’s little girl and Leah as well she will do whatever it takes to keep her little girl safe. She will go up against anyone who gets between her and her daughter.

An old friend of Leah’s also steps by into her life when her daughter is assigned a protector. This old friend and protector is none other than her lifelong friend and ex-boyfriend Brandon Morris. Leah has always trusted Brandon but she is not sure if she trust him with her daughter’s life but what choice does she have.

Leah is not sure how everything is going to go with Brandon with everything that they have gone through together in the past she has hurt and left him numerous of times. Can they leave everything in the past and push through it long enough to save her little girls life?

Even though I enjoyed reading the first two books in the Giver of Life Trilogy Enchanter and Enchantress I would have to say that I really loved book three Prodigy so much better. The character’s feelings just seemed to come out more with deeper and stronger feelings for each other.  Maybe they just had more to fight for.

Prodigy is filled with action and magic from beginning to end. Prodigy like Enchanter and Enchantress will pull you in on the first page and will not let go until you have read the last page. It will fill you with all of its magical glory. I loved all the characters especially Leah, Brandon, Jae and Lily. I kept seeing it play out in my head like a movie. 

I don’t usually do this but I kept picturing the characters in my head and I thought about whom I would chose to play some of the characters. I kept seeing Gillian Alexy (Outsiders) as Leah, Blair Redford (The Gifted) as Brandon, Christopher Larkin (The 100) as Jae, and Pixie Davies as Lily.

I would recommend Prodigy to all fans of the paranormal with lots of magic and action and a little love on the side. 

The Giver of Life Trilogy #2

Fate brought them together. Will evil break them apart?
Leah Parker’s visit to her hometown is supposed to bring her closer to the truth behind her identity. What she doesn’t anticipate is the handsome stranger with almond eyes claiming to be her Pair.
Her world once again upturned with the arrival of the man chosen to be her life partner, Leah is pulled between the feelings she’s always had for the friend she left behind, and those for the compelling stranger determined to save her from certain death—at whatever the cost.
With an ancient evil out to finish what it started twenty-one years before, will Leah find peace within her troubled mind and heart to fight back and win? Or will her disconnection with her newfound powers hinder her only chance at survival?

His sacrifice…is her salvation.

I opened my mouth to shout out a warning as the Soul Devourer leaped from the roof. The man-beast made no sound, gave no warning, though the promise of death was written on his ethereal face. Swift on his feet, Jae swung the flaming sword around as he pivoted. The shiny blade sliced through the man-creature’s neck in midair, just under the chin, decapitating him with a clean cut a butcher would be proud of—all before I could spit out a single, cautionary word. The head went one direction while the body crumpled to the ground in a heap of unmoving limbs, inches from Jae’s shoes.  

The Soul Devourer’s emaciated frame began to disintegrate into a pile of black ash mere seconds after it touched the ground, its chest bursting open like a piñata to reveal a glowing blue light within the hollow cavity. Several white orbs flowed out of the hole in rapid succession, forming groups of three or more.

The spheres danced around Jae for a mere fraction of second, as if to thank him for his good deed, before soaring up toward the sky, vanishing within a few blinks.

Souls, I realized. They were souls stolen from countless victims, trapped within the grotesque body of the Soul Devourer and forced to endure a cruel torment.

And what of those that were never released? Where did they end up?  

The Soul Devourer’s entire body turned to ash and was blown away by the wind by the time I snapped out of my shocked surprise. One down. How many more to go?  

A furious hiss resonated from somewhere behind the tomb situated to my right. I rotated to confront the oncoming night freak, fan gripped tightly in my hand. 
He came barreling around the corner so fast, I nearly lost my nerve and bolted. 
Instead, I shimmied to my left two seconds before it reached me— disgracefully tripping over my own feet in my haste to avoid its elongated talons. 

Leah decided to return home to see her mother in order to find out her more about her true identity. Leah and her mother have never gotten along very well in the past but Leah is not going to let that stop her from learning the truth of who she is.

Before she can make it home Leah runs into this guy, Jae who claims to be her pair and that they are to spend the rest of their life together. Leah is not sure about this and wonders who this guy thinks he is. Leah still loves Brandon but knows that he belongs to someone else and will never come between them.

Jae just happens to show up out of nowhere when Leah runs into a little trouble trying to save someone after hearing their screams and helping them out is a little more than she can handle on her own.

After spending time with Jae Leah starts to care for Jae and her heart is torn between the two guys. Leah still cares for Brandon but is falling hard and fast for Jae.

Someone is after Leah and has been hunting her for a long time. This dark creature is out to destroy Leah along with millions of others. Leah with Jae’s help is so determined to find this dark creature and stop him before it is too late.

There is plenty of action in Enchantress as Leah is trying to save someone or is being attacked or Jae is teaching her how to use her powers so she will become stronger. It will keep you glued to the pages waiting to see what happens next and who Leah is going to come up against next.

I read Enchanter the first book in the Giver of Life Trilogy in May of 2017 and truly enjoyed it so much so that I couldn’t wait to read the next book Enchantress. I am so glad I finally found the time to read it and get to know more about Leah and who and what she is. I am glad to have met all the new characters as I think they make a great new addition to the Giver of Life world. I can’t wait to read more about these characters and to maybe meet new ones in the next book Prodigy.  

The Giver of Life Trilogy #1

They have a past. But will they have a future?

Leah Parker is resilient and hardworking. She’d always prided herself in maintaining a level head, even under pressure. Everything changes when she begins to see strange apparitions and hear ghostly voices on the morning of her birthday.

In a blink of the eyes, Leah’s life takes a drastic turn that spirals her into the unknown. Something is out to get her, but she’s unsure if she’s losing her mind, or the faces and demands of the dead are real. Unable to find the answers she needs, she has no choice but to rely on ex-best friend, Brandon Morris, for help.

But as she will soon discover, Brandon has his own secrets. Some of which defy logic and only add to the mystery surrounding Leah. And mix feelings between the two complicate matters by getting in the way of what they really want, and what they must do.

Can Brandon lighten the load on her by figuring out what or who wants her dead? Or will their past history get in the way of the storm brewing just beyond Leah’s grasp?

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Movement several yards behind him caught my attention and I glanced around his left shoulder to the woods, noting the quick blur of a figure darting from behind one tree to another. Something was off about the way this person rushed by. It sparked a sense of familiarity that horrified me.  

“Brandon, I don’t think we’re alone anymore,” I murmured as another flash of white scurried ever closer. It was too dark for me to determine who it was, but I was certain of one thing: we were being watched.  

“What…?” The meaning of my words didn’t immediately dawn on him. 

“Someone’s out there.”  

Brandon spun around abruptly. He scanned the area briefly as he backed into me while sucking in air. His suddenly rigid posture warned me whoever was out there was not friendly.  

Without a single word of explanation, Brandon turned to me and took my hand in his, pulling me down the path we’d used to get to the gazebo. He towed me along in a haste, leaving me no room to protest, or figure out what the hell was going on. A weird, high-pitched hissing sound emanated from somewhere behind us. It startled me and I was tempted to glance over my shoulder, but Brandon’s next words stopped me. 

“Don’t look, Leah!” His tone was as serious as I’d ever heard it, which freaked me out even more. What was he so scared of? 

Kristy Centeno loves to spin tales of creatures that go bump in the night, with a sprinkle of romance to top them off. Her passion for writing stems from a lifelong enjoyment of reading and the pleasure derived from the magical worlds created by authors like her. She prefers her female leads strong, independent, and stubborn who will stop at nothing to save their loved ones and protect those they care for.

Kristy currently resides in Pennsylvania with her five kids and a trio of noisy parakeets. When she’s not working or writing, she juggles her free time between raising a handful of minions and pursuing other career goals.

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