Monday, June 22, 2020

Review: Spell Me Once: Magic and Mayhem Universe (Bespelled by Love #1) by Cherie Marks @CherieMarks

Spell Me Once
Magic and Mayhem Universe
Bespelled by Love #1
by Cherie Marks
Published: June 22, 2020
Publisher: Cherie Marks
Genre: Paranormal, Witches, Wizards, Magic, Romance


All she wanted was one more chance to get it right.

Gemma Marolinia is a witch with regrets. Heir to the Linwynian throne, she has also been trained as an assassin. Gemma is blamed for an assassination attempt on her father the King, and she sees no way to clear her name. As a rule, when conflict arises, she believes in the flight philosophy. She who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. Now, her past has caught up to her, and she can no longer run. She must face her fears and trust others, especially an attractive hunter who has been sent to bring her to justice. It's time to right the wrongs of her past with a spell that will send her back in time.

Maverick Waraxe promised the King he would find the princess and bring her home. Yet, Gemma refuses to come peacefully. He agrees to help her find the book of spells, but only if she comes with him to answer for her crimes. Of course, the more time they spend together, the more he falls for the dangerous beauty who surprises him with her capacity to care for others. She is a walking paradox, and if she gets her way, she might just unravel the very fabric of time.

Sometimes you wish you could go back in time to change the things you did wrong, but you better only Spell Me Once because you might not get another chance.

My Review:

Gemma is a witch and heir to the Linwynian throne. An attempt has been made to kill the king, Gemma’s father and she is to blame as she has been trained as an assassin. A hunter has been sent for Gemma to bring her home so she can be punished for trying to take her father’s life. Gemma is innocent and must find away to prove it.

Spell Me Once is a cute, sweet funny little read that grabbed my attention from the very first page and had me rolling through each page. Spell Me Once had me in tears from laughter. Spell Me Once will make you smile, laugh, giggle until the tears are flowing.

Spell Me Once is a hilarious little read that will cast a spell upon the opening of the first page and pulling you deep into its depths. You want be able to see the light of the day until that last page is turned. Spell Me Once was just what I needed to take me away from everything that is happening in the world today.

The action never let up from beginning to end with all the capers that Gemma, Maverick and Kylie seemed to pull off. Oh and I can’t forget the mouse oh I loved that little mouse. Oh and I forgot to mention Gaston he was so cute. I can’t wait for more of these characters and their world.

I highly recommend Spell Me Once to anyone looking for a funny sweet little read to help take you away for a couple of hours. One click your copy today to begin this wondrous little adventure.  


It all started with an old fashioned typewriter. When my family brought it home, I knew what I wanted to do. All those stories rolling around in my head could finally get out. The press and click of the keys were satisfying in their own right, but when I pulled out a finished page, I knew this was for me. Since then, I’ve graduated to a laptop, but the stories still find a way out.

I’m a breast cancer survivor, a teacher, a wife, a mother, and from the very beginning—a storyteller. Always a hint humorous and honest to a fault, I love to make people laugh, smile, and have “a-ha” moments. My goal in life is to achieve tact and stop procrastinating. The battle wages on.