Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Review: The Dragon Oath by Megan Linski @GryfynPub

The Dragon Oath
University of Sorcery, #2
by Megan Linski
Published: June 23, 2020
Genre: Young Adult. Fantasy, Witches, Wizard, Magic


Soulmates are destined to be enemies.
Last semester, I failed the man I love.
The kingdom is in jeopardy, and I’m a pawn in a conspiracy that will overturn the entire country. To save the people I love, I must play the cult’s games… and wear a mask to become the city’s most dangerous assassin, the White Rose.
My life is in danger each time I stop Ethan’s plans to protect the realm, for if he succeeds in saving Malovia, his own life will be forfeit. But I must keep the identity of the White Rose a secret, even from my mate. If Ethan discovers I’ve become a vigilante for the dark side, we’ll pay for it with our lives…
The realm has been cast in shadow. My evil cousin and his venomous mate are ravenous for the throne, and if I don’t prevent their coronation, everything the fae stand for will be lost to war forever.
But the gods seem determined to curse me, for they’ve put a cunning assassin in my path. The White Rose has thwarted every chance I’ve had to restore my honor and keep my kingdom safe.
The mystery has begun to unravel. I will discover the woman behind the mask, even if it costs me everything.
The White Rose will fall. And it will be by my blade she meets her fate…

A Court of Thorns and Roses
meets The Witcher in this fae academy series. Ignite secret worlds and battle against dark magic in this shifter addition to the Hidden Legends universe.
This is a full-length novel over 400 pages. Ages 16+

My Review:

Emma knows a secret that she can not tell as she is being blackmailed. Emma must keep her secret safe and locked away or it will cost her the one she loves. If Emma ever reveals her secret then her life mate, Ethan will be killed. Emma must hide her face behind a mask to keep her secret hidden and her life mate safe.

Emma has learned that her life mate has a secret of his own. Ethan’s secret is one of the reasons why Emma decides to wear a mask. If Ethan ever finds out who is behind the mask then both Ethan and Emma will die.

Ethan will do whatever it takes to save the realm. He has sworn to stop the White Rose and reveal who is hiding behind the mask. To save the realm the White Rose must die and by Ethan’s hand.

The Dragon Oath has a little bit of everything. It has magic, murder, mystery, love, suspense with lots of action in between. It has magical creatures and sifters. What an awesome world!

The world building is so enthralling that it pulls me into its depths from the first page and I am lost as if I am right there with all the characters seeing and feeling what they are right up until the last page has been turned leaving me wanting more. I am anxiously awaiting the next book to see how and where the journey continues.

I highly recommend The Dragon Oath to all fans of magic, magical creatures, sifters, mystery and suspense. One click your copy today to begin this adventurous journey!  

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