Monday, June 15, 2020

Review: Daughter of the Mármaros by Shayna Grissom @ShaynaGrissom

Daughter of the Mármaros
by Shayna Grissom
Published: July 15, 2020
Publisher: Shayna Grissom
Genre: Fairy Tale, Science Fiction, Fantasy


In the tallest tower of the Mármaros, Bernadette finds herself with cold feet. She is the last young female of her dying race, and the prospect of mating with the scheming High Councilor isn’t exactly appealing.

The people of the Mármaros are rigid and bureaucratic in all aspects of life. They would sooner release the jungle people they’ve enslaved than give Bernadette another option.

When the alpha moon emerges for the first time in years, so does a handsome man from the jungles. He isn’t like her, but he isn’t like the jungle people either. Bernadette vows to return to the Mármaros and live out her duties if she can see this man just one more time.

Bernadette pursues the man in the jungle, only to encounter six little jungle boys. They are clever and adapt—nothing like her people said. Together they embark on an adventure that changes both races forever.

My Review:

Bernadette is the last female born to the Mármaros in many many many years. The Mármaros race is dying out and soon to be no more if a female is not born soon. It is time for Bernadette to mate and start producing babies and hopefully to have a girl child. Bernadette’s mate has been chosen for her and the man was chosen from the high counsel. Bernadette wants no part of this mating so she runs away into the jungle where she happens upon a small group of children all boys.

The boys have grown very adapt at taking care of their selves and living alone in the jungle. Bernadette was the first of her kind, a female that the boys had ever saw. They assumed that she was a he just like they were. The boys were very confused with the difference between Bernadette and themselves.

While spending time in the jungle with the boys Bernadette starts piecing together things that the boys tell her and finally puts two and tow together and realizes that her people have not been honest with her about the people in the jungle and the servants in her home and about her entire life. She realizes that her entire life was built on secrets. lies and betrayal.

After figuring out the truth Bernadette sets out on a journey to set things right and to confront her people and make them face up to their wrong doings. Secrets will be uncovered and lies revealed.

The story of the Mármaros people was so amazing and wonderful and brilliantly written. Daughter of the Mármaros is one of the best books I have read in a long, long time. The characters or the boys were all so cute and sweet. I would dearly love to read more about all the boys and Bernadette. I would also like to know more about how the story of the Mármaros people’s story actually began.

Daughter of the Mármaros is a very enthralling read that grabbed my attention from the first page and held onto to it until the last page and then some. I think the Daughter of the Mármaros will stay with me for a long time to come. Daughter of the Mármaros had a few twists and turns but there was this one twist that really deserves some nonrecognition a twist that I never expected or saw coming but oh it was brilliant and so awesome.

Daughter of the Mármaros is one book that I definitely recommend highly to all fantasy fans and anyone looking for a good read. One click your copy of Daughter of the Mármaros to begin this awesome journey!

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