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Review: Beneath (Running from the Devil Series #1) by Katie Salidas & J.E. Taylor @QuixoticKatie @JETaylor75

Running from the Devil Series #1
by Katie Salidas & J.E. Taylor
Published: December 15, 2019
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy


An escaped demon and a snarky cat face off against the seven deadly sins.

Escaping from Hell was just the beginning of Phoebe’s problems. In Hell, she had a position of legend. A marquis of torture. But on the human plane, she is just another New York City destitute.

Before she has a chance to get her bearings on the unforgiving streets, Fate steps in and offers her a chance at redemption, but it doesn’t come cheap.

She must bring in the demons that escaped alongside her while making sure no humans are harmed in the process. In order to do that, she needs to learn to live in the human world with the help of another one of Fate’s parolees, a snarky cat named Smoke.

If it means never seeing the halls of Hell again, Phoebe will do anything, even battle the seven deadly sins single-handed.

My Review:

Phoebe has spent many years in Hell climbing up the ladder in rank torturing other demons. Phoebe made a deal trying to save someone she loved and ended up in Hell. An opening for escape opened up for Phoebe she snatched it up quickly and walked through the portal to the other side.

Phoebe’s escape takes her to the human plane where she once again runs into Fate and has to make a deal to save her soul. The question for some is does Phoebe actually have a soul anymore? Fate offers Phoebe a chance at redemption. In order to claim her redemption Phoebe must bring in the demons that escaped when she did without hurting humans in the process.

Yeah well this may be a little problem for Phoebe as no one has explained all the rules to her. Phoebe is assigned a helper, a cat named Smoke. Smoke helps Phoebe find a place to live. When she is injured trying to bring in one of the demons and breaking some of the rules in the process Smoke enlist the help of a veterinary to take care of Phoebe’s injures. The veterinary Adam gives Phoebe a job working at his clinic with all the cute and cuddly little animals.

All of Phoebe’s problems started with her trying to do a good thing by saving someone she loved. Phoebe’s good deed turned out not to be such a good thing for her. Her good deed cast her into Hell, a bad evil place where she is given the job of torturing demons. Phoebe’s job brought out her dark side but I don’t think it took over completely.

Phoebe has a long hard journey ahead of her with facing her demons and reaching for the redemption she seeks. Phoebe has a lot to learn and a lot of battles to face on her road to redemption. It is a long curvy road filled with lots of action from all the battles and fighting and so unpredictable with all the twists that fate throws at her. Phoebe is faced with temptations and trials on this long road she must travel down to reach her redemption.

Beneath is a great start to great new series. I can’t wait to dive into the next book to see where Phoebe and Smoke take us next and what other sins they will face.

I highly recommend Beneath to all fans of the paranormal, fantasy, demons and a little magic. One click your copy today to begin this wonderful new journey into a new world!  

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