Monday, June 29, 2020

Review: Wrathful Fae (Fae Prison Academy #3) by Margo Ryerkerk & Holly Hook @MargoRyerkerk @hollyannehook

Wrathful Fae
Fae Prison Academy #3
by Margo Ryerkerk
Published: June 29, 2020
Genre: Fae, Vampire, Magic, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy


Destruction is upon us.

The faelands are going dark. Soon, they’ll become uninhabitable. Only if the Summer and Winter Court unite can the apocalypse be prevented.

With the Queen of the Winter Court trapped in the wastelands, and the King of the Summer Court becoming unstable, it’s up to me to steal the Summer Court crown and deliver it to the wastelands so that we can heal the faelands.

My path won’t be easy. Death whispers in my ear, ready to claim me should I make one wrong step. But to keep my people safe, I’ll do whatever it takes!

Join me on my lethal adventure!

Wrathful Fae is a YA/New Adult fae academy novel and the last book in the Prison Fae Academy trilogy.

My Review:

Wrathful Fae starts with action and never lets up as Virgie, Caleb, Peony and the rest of the crew battle King Peter to make the faelands a better place to live. Peony and Onyx are thrown to the wastelands by King Peter.

Peony and Onyx’s only chance to stay alive is to try to find away out of the wastelands their only hope is to unite the Summer and Winter courts once again. Is it possible to get the Summer and Winter courts to work together as one? Can they save their world? Will Peony and Onyx ever make it back home again?

Virgie, Caleb, Blair and Sela watch as Peony and Onyx are thrown into the wastelands. Now the three must pull together if they are going to find away to rescue the girls before it is too late. Can our foursome find away to save our girls? Can they make the world a better place to live for all?

The wastelands is a harsh place to be Peony and Onyx face a lot of different trials and dangers on their journey through the wastelands. Are the girls strong enough to go up against the wastelands? Is their magic strong enough? Will the girls make it out alive?

Wrathful Fae is a very intense read that kept me on the edge the whole time wondering and hoping the girls would be strong enough to face the wastelands and come out on top. I was rooting for them the whole time. Once I picked up Wrathful Fae and read the first page I was sucked into its world and down the rabbit hole I went and I was lost in its depths never coming up for air until I had turned that last page.

I have so enjoyed the Fae Prison Academy trilogy and sorely hate to see it end. I fell in love with all the characters from the day I was introduced to them and their world as well. I hope to see more of the characters in future books as I hope their journey is not over yet.

If you like reading about fae, magic and vampires then you are going to love Wrathful Fae so one click your self a copy today! But I would suggest that you start with book one Reluctant Fae and then book two Rebellious Fae before reading Wrathful Fae as you don’t want to miss anything from this wonderful world and these awesome characters. 

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