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Review: Legacy by Ean Lanning @ew_lanning


by Ean Lanning

Published: March 5, 2022

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic


Manhattan lives with his guardian Tom in the crumbling ruins of Old Los Angeles. His clothes he wears, the boots on his feet, and a necklace he must protect are his only possessions. In a run-down house on the edge of the city, Manhattan and Tom have distance themselves from the chaos. Meanwhile,Tom has sheltered Manhattan from the reality all around him. The guards who are supposed to protect the people are abusive and hostile. The people are forced to live day by day on nothing more than scraps of burnt bread. Soon enough things begin to change. And when a routine trip to the market ends in tragedy, Manhattan is left with a choice: join the Renegades in their fight to bring hope back to the city or leave his destiny and everyone behind.

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My Review:

Legacy takes place in a dystopian society in what is known as old Los Angles. The people of old Los Angles live outside the wall. They strive day by day just to find enough food to eat and stay alive. Legacy may not be a fast-paced novel no it is more like a slow-burn type novel with a very interesting plot or storyline that will keep you hanging on every word.

Even though Legacy may not be a fast-paced read it does ramp up quite a few notches when the fighting sets in. I really enjoyed all the fighting scenes especially in the beginning when Manhattan was training with Tess. The fighting scenes alone is enough to keep those pages turning and hanging on for more. And not to mention all the twists that kept popping up chapter after chapter.

Manhattan watches as the man who took care of and kept him safe is gunned down in their own home. After Tom’s death, Manhattan’s world is turned upside down. Manhattan is taken in by Ford and his friends. Tess and Ford teach Manhattan how to fight and take care of himself expanding on what Tom had already taught him.

Manhattan is full of grief with the loss of his friend Tom, putting all that pain into his training exercises. Manhattan only wants to get revenge for the death of his friend. Manhattan must put away his pain and hide it away so he can fight for what is right.

The descriptions are so well written that I had no problem none what so ever seeing it all play out in my head from one page to another. I hope to see more of Manhattan and Tess and this world that was created for Legacy in future books.

I would recommend Legacy to all dystopian fans! One-click your copy of Legacy today!  

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