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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Mind Expression by Alysha Potente @GoddessFish

Mind Expressions: A Book on Poetry with Syllable Counts

by Alysha Potente

GENRE: Poetry


This poetry book has a total of over 130 poems, and most feature alongside: beautiful photography art. All of the poems are different from the next, in meaning and technique.

Analytical in nature, each poem dives into various topics. With this are also syllable counts, where the number of syllables per line are counted and arranged. This brings forward a technical side to poetry writing, where it is precise and balanced.

It is a skill that requires practice, where you hear the word for what it is, using mathematics while rhyming words together. All of the poetry features different rhyming forms.




I awaken in a darkened space..

A little lost like I’m in a maze..

Walking around to find the exit..

In my hand I have the Holy Writ..

I’ve turned corners like I’m in a cage..

The path comes clear when I turn a page..

Expression in it is like a lamp..

It lights the way so that I’m not damned..

These words integrate inside my mind..

It’s main Author is one of a kind..

It enlightens me and builds this strength..

Yes I’ll make it no matter the length..

For God does reveal to me how to..

My child take this path all from my view”..

I’ll help you find your way out of this”..

You won’t be longer lost or amiss”..

Your purpose is so I have glory”..

I’m too the Author of your story”..

With this I can see with my eyes closed..

The direction has just been exposed..

I trust with my hand towards the sky..

For I’ve been chosen to qualify..

Let me serve him oh so willingly..

The best is yet to come thrillingly..

His word should be trusted for it’s truth..

My heart beats inside my body smooth..

Syllables: 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9= perfect patterns.

Every two lines rhyme together.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Alysha has been a self- taught creative writer, since the age of 16, in her hometown of Perth, Australia. Her passion for it developed on its own, the need to express herself in a different way other than verbally, was what motivated her to keep up this passion. The use of words was captivating for expression and the love of rhymes was also heard by ear.

Alysha's first poetry book that she read was actually in Primary School and it was called 'Revolting rhymes', which was a retake on nursery rhymes but in a humorous way. This book started this creative side in her at a young age, that, and also her love for art in general.

In 2015 she studied a short course at Berklee, where she was introduced to the notion of syllable counts. In fact, though she had actually been doing syllable counts unconsciously with her poetry in general. By using the same measurement of lines going off of sight, had in turn created similar syllable counts/patterns in her work.

Her book 'Mind Expressions' is a technical side of poetry writing that's come to life. It's the use of mathematics, along with creative writing. She wanted to give the reader a breakdown of each poem within, in order for them to delve into each poem further and analyse it using a different set of eyes. The poems are analytical in nature, along with syllable counts (some perfect) and perfect rhymes. This really showcases poetry at the highest skill.

Alysha is multi-talented in Art itself and is also a perfectionist. For where her passion lies in different artforms, is where she crafts her skills to a perfection standpoint.


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