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Review: Grip of Despair (After the End #2) by Sam J Fires

Grip of Despair

After the End #2

by Sam J Fires

Published: September 5, 2023

Publisher: Samuel Fires Publications

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Thriller, Teen, Young Adult, Suspense


From Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author...

The power’s out. And only one chance to escape.

As a psych patient flees her cage, she runs straight into a world in the throes of disaster…

Forced to confront a suspicious power outage that plunges the world into darkness, can ex-cop Patrick Dunn and escaped detainee Holly Winters find safety? Or will they become doomed in the chaos?

Grip of Despair is the riveting second book in the After The End post-apocalyptic EMP survival series. If you like characters that jump off the page, spellbinding action, and edge-of-your-seat drama, then you’ll love bestselling author Sam J Fires’s nail-biting thriller.

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My Review:

The world has been plunged into darkness. The power has gone out everywhere. What is going on? Why is the power out? Is there a problem or was it done deliberately?

Holly, a psych patient has escaped the hospital with a friend, Buddy. Holly and Buddy are being chased. Who is chasing Holly and why? What do they want with her? Is it someone from the hospital? Is this person just trying to save Holly? Or is there a more sinister reason as to why this person is after Holly?

Holly meets up with ex-police officer Patrick Dunn. Holly doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t know what to do when the man from the hospital catches up with her. She takes off in Patrick’s truck while he is trying to subdue the man. Patrick is only trying to keep Holly safe but she doesn’t know this. But when things take a turn for the worse Holly may not have a choice but to accept Patrick’s help.

Grip of Despair is a very gripping story that grabbed my attention from the first page and never let up. The suspense kept me hanging on page after page waiting and wondering if Holly and Patrick would find a safe place to hold up.

All the characters seemed so real as if you had known them forever. The world-building was just amazing. I could see the whole thing in my head as if I was standing right there beside the characters fighting my way to survival with them. Not knowing if they were going to find a safe, warm place to stay.

I can’t wait to read the next book Grip of Fury in the After the End series.

I would highly recommend that you grab a copy of Grip of Despair today!

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