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Review Tour + #Giveaway: THE LITTER by Kevin R. Doyle @GoddessFish


by Kevin R. Doyle

GENRE: Horror


They kept to the shadows so no one would know they existed, and preyed on the nameless who no one would miss. Where did they come from, and who was protecting them? In a city that had seen every kind of savagery, they were something new, something more than murderous. And one woman, who had thought she had lost everything there was to lose in life, would soon find that nothing could possibly prepare her for what would come when she entered their world.

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I’ve never seen anything like this,” Pam said.

Still think it was a dog?” her partner asked.

What else could it have been? It doesn’t take the ME over there to know that this guy’s been all chewed up.”

What I’m getting at is it may not have been a single animal.”

Come again? Are you thinking of a pack or something?”

Well,” Gonzales said, “just looking at it . . .” He waved his arm in the direction of the mess on the pavement.

That’s insane, Enrico. Who the hell ever heard of a pack of dogs attacking people in the middle of a city?”

You ever hear of one dog doing anything that even remotely looks like that?”

What about rats?” she asked the older cop, fearful he would laugh in her face.

I actually thought of that myself for a moment there. It’s not the most far-fetched of possibilities.”


Not at all. Once, I saw what was left of an old wino eaten by rats, back when I’d been on the force not much longer than you have. But that was a guy who’d crawled under the porch of a house, probably trying to escape the weather. Besides, long ago as it’s been, from what I remember, that body didn’t look anything like this.”

No, huh?”

Not really, no. It looked more like he’d been nibbled on till he was worn down to practically nothing.”

Pam pointed towards the corpse.

That’s not a bunch of nibbles,” she said.

My Review:

The Litter is definitely unlike anything I have read before. The plot is so engrossing and mind-binding. There are lots and lots of twisted twists to keep those pages flowing one after the other.

I was pulled into the world of The Litter from the first page and I couldn’t turn those pages fast enough as the story unfolded bit by bit leaving me shocked as the next twist came into view.

After each twist, I was left more and more in the dark as to what was going on. I kept trying and trying to figure out what was happening but I never would have guessed as to what it really was. I mean there was no way. I was surprised on several occasions.

After the police were called out to the scene of the first body I tried so hard to picture what I was reading the description of the body and the crime scene but I do not believe that I did it justice. It sounded so horrific or at least that is what I kept seeing in my mind. I don’t think that the police knew what to think or how to describe what they saw. I don’t even believe they had any idea at all as to who or what did the killing upon their first viewing of the body. It didn’t happen just once either.

I do believe that The Litter is one of the best crime mystery stories I have ever read. I loved every word of it. It kept me enthralled from beginning to end. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the page. When the real culprit was finally brought to light I was sorely surprised and shocked, to say the least.

I highly enjoyed reading The Litter and highly recommended it to all mystery readers with one little warning, It is gory and horrific! Grab a copy of The Litter today for an epic surprise! 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A retired high-school teacher and former college instructor, Kevin R. Doyle is the author of numerous short horror stories. He’s also written four crime thrillers including The Group and The Anchor, and one horror novel, The Litter. In the last few years, he’s begun working on the Sam Quinton private eye series, published by Camel Press. The first Quinton book, Squatter’s Rights, was nominated for the 2021 Shamus award for Best First PI Novel. The fourth Sam Quinton book, Clean Win, was released in March of 2023.

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We appreciate you featuring and reviewing this book today. Thank you.

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The blurb and excerpt sound really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Kevin R. Doyle said...

Good morning. Thanks for reviewing and featuring my work. Your comments are appreciated. I'll be checking in periodically for any questions or comments from readers.

Edgar Gerik said...

"The Litter" by Kevin R. Doyle is a horror novel that follows a woman who discovers a hidden group of killers in the city. It delves into the mystery of their origin and the question of who is protecting them, promising an intense and shocking journey.

Kevin R. Doyle said...

Thanks. I'll take intense and shocking.

Sherry said...

This sounds like a good book and I really like the cover.

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this sounds very good