Friday, September 1, 2023

Review: Zero Day Ghost by Scott Olson

Zero Day Ghost

by Scott Olson

Published: September 1, 2023

Publisher: Scott Olson

Genre: Thriller


Emily Hernandez, an NSA analyst, and former hacker, must defeat the notorious cybercriminal syndicate known as The Collective or be returned to prison for violating parole. The Collective, led by her long-time nemesis Zahra Kartal, controls “APRIL,” an AI botnet that lives as fragments of intelligence distributed across millions of hacked computers. Emily’s mission is to find Zahra and co-opt APRIL, but her loyalties are conflicted—her cousin and ex-boyfriend are still active within Zahra’s group. When a self-driving car attacks her home and murders her mother, Emily realizes that her balancing act is no longer tenable. She travels to Hong Kong to find Zahra and disrupt The Collective, consequences be damned. Yet as chaos and destruction engulf her and the Chinese authorities pursue her, Emily realizes that the cost of going straight may be higher than she’s willing to pay.

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My Review:

Zero Day Ghost opens with a blast and never lets until the last page and even then it is still hanging on. Emily Hernandez Used to be a hacker but now she is an NSA analyst.

Emily’s main goal these days is to take down The Collective, a notorious cybercriminal syndicate led by the cunning Zahra Kartal.

"APRIL," a deadly AI botnet has been released into millions of computers. Emily must find Zahra and stop her before it is too late. Emily’s journey takes her to Hong Kong.

Zero Day Ghost has so many twists and turns each one had me racing to the end to see how everything would play out. Emily kept me racing after her page after page wondering what was going to happen next. The suspense kept me hanging on not able to turn the pages fast enough as I tried to figure it all out.

When I read the summary for Zero Day Ghost I was hooked and knew right away that I had to read it as I love computers. Hacking is not my thing but HTML is. I love seeing the code in HTML turn into the pages it creates. It amazed me when I first started teaching myself and it still does today.

If you are into computers, the Cyber world, and thrillers then let me suggest that you grab a copy of Zero Day Ghost today!  

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