Friday, September 1, 2023

Review: A Kingdom of Frost and Malice: Crowns of Magic Universe (The Winter Court Series #1) by Ashley McLeo @amcleowrites

A Kingdom of Frost and Malice

Crowns of Magic Universe

The Winter Court Series #1

by Ashley McLeo

Published: September 1, 2023

Publisher: Meraki Press

Genre: Dragons, Mythical Creatures, Fantasy, Romantic, Fae 


A blood slave desperate for freedom. A fake engagement. A pawn in the dangerous games of the Winter fae.

The auction block awaits and a vicious vampire prince wants me and what flows through my veins.

So I make a run for it, running through dangerous forests and battling the elements only to end up falling at the feet of a fae warden. Technically, the Warden of the West should return me to the vampire court, but Warden Roar has other ideas.

He needs a fake fiancée.

The deal: if I play his dutiful partner at the Winter Court, he’ll hide me from the blood-suckers intent on draining the life from me.

I agree, and for a while, it seems like nothing can go wrong. In fact, being lavished with the good things in life almost makes me forget the danger.

That is, until Vale, the Warrior Prince of the Winter Court, sets his sights on me.

There’s something about the way he watches…His eyes raking over me as if he knows I'm hiding something. As if he'd love to discover all of my secrets.

A part of me likes his attentions. Luckily, the more sane part knows about Prince Vale's reputation and that he is not a fae to mess with.

But I can't disappear from court, nor back down, or dissolve my contract with Warden Roar. Not if I want a chance at true freedom. So I have to fake it until I make it.

It's official: I’ve become a pawn in the dangerous game of the fae.

And it may cost me far more than my heart.

One-click this steamy romantic fantasy set in the clashing courts of a dying kingdom and discover whether Neve’s run for freedom has brought her to something even more dangerous or whether love will be her salvation.

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My Review:

Neve is a blood slave to vampires and is destined for the auction block after a tragic event occurs. A vicious vampire prince has his eyes set on Neve but she wants nothing to do with this vampire. She is afraid of what her faith will be if she is bought by this vampire prince. 

So Neve makes a desperate attempt at escaping on horseback through the forest. Her only hope is to reach the winter court. Hopefully, there she can find a safe haven. 

Her desperate escape lands her at the feet of a Fae warden. This fae warden is in need of a fake fiancée. Warden Roar makes a deal with Neve. The deal is that if she will be his fake fiancée then he will hide her away from the vampires.

A Kingdom of Frost and Malice is the first book in The Winter Court Series and is a part of the Crowns of Magic Universe by Ashley McLeo. A Kingdom of Frost and Malice kept me hanging on every word from the first to the last. 

I loved the world that was created for A Kingdom of Frost and Malice. I would love to see this one made into a movie or better yet a TV show. When I was reading A Kingdom of Frost and Malice I felt as if I was watching a movie play out in my head. I would like to see it as a TV show to see if my imagination would compare. 

I sorely enjoyed reading and learning about this new world of vampires and fae. I would like to know more about the vampires and their world. 

The suspense and the many twists and turns kept me hanging on page after page as I raced to the end. Once I picked up A Kingdom of Frost and Malice I was drawn into its world as my own disappeared for a while. I love this new series and can’t wait to see what the next book entails. 

Grab a copy of A Kingdom of Frost and Malice today and join Neve as she fights her way to freedom from the vampires! 

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