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In My Mailbox #6

In My Mailbox #6

In My Mailbox, Pic for In My Mailbox meme hosted by The Story Siren.

In My Mailbox is weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren


In this meme we post the books that we recieved this week like in snail mail, email, kindle, the library, author ect...

IMM this week

I bought one book this week but I still got a lot of Kindle freebies. Love those Kindle freebies. Thanks to all the wonderful authors who listed their books for free on Amazon.

Night School (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel)

I bought this one because I love to read anything with vampirers. When I purchased it I did not realize that it was book #5 and I have not read the first 4 yet. Now I will have to go out buy the other 4. I like reading books in there correct order.

Amazon Freebies

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead

Emma Mills author of Witchblood suggested that I read this one a few months ago for my 2012 Witches and Witchcraft Reading Challenge hosted by Melissas Eclectic Bookshelf


I bought this one because I love to read anything with vampirers.

Indecent Proposal

I chose this one because I saw the movie Indecent Proposal staring Robert Redford and Demi More. It was a great movie.

City of the Falling Sky (The Seckry Sequence Book 1)

Seckry gets an email asking him to break into the headquarters of the Endrin Corporation and steal a container full of worms for a hefty sum of money, the same company that took away his home, his school and his friends. Seckry vowed to get revenge with Endrin Corporation so he takes the emailer up on his offer. Seckry finds more than he bargained for. I can't wait to read this one and find out what it was that he found.

City Pyxis (The Discovery (Pyxis Series)

Corinne bakes cookies with food dyes that her grandmother gave her. After her customers eat the cookies they suddenly find her irresistibly alluring. Corinne and her boyfriend Mason start having the same dream. I want to know about the dreams that the both of them are having. What is the dark force that is consuming everything in its path?

Author for review

Children of the Gods (A Chosen Novel)

I got this one from the author for review. It is a very good read.

I also got a lot more kindle freebies. Way to many to post. I am very greatful to all the authors who listed their books for free this week.

What did you get In Your Mailbox? Leave me a comment below with your IMM link so I can see what you got. I love getting comments. Please tell me if you are a new follower so that I can follow you also. Thanks for checking out my "In My Mailbox".


GatheringBooks said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by our mailbox. These titles are quite new to me, so thank you for leading me to new books that I would not otherwise have known. All the covers look interesting but City of the falling sky caught my eye. Enjoy your new reads this week!

Lindsay said...

Great books this week... I had no idea there was a book Indecent Proposal... I kinda loved that movie! Enjoy

Here is this week's Mailbox Post

Also, don't forget to enter the AWESOME giveaway (ends today)

Happy Reading!
Lindsay @ Turning the Pages

Katja Weinert said...

Oh, isn't it annoying when you pick up a good book and discover it's one later in a series. I quite liked the first Pyxis book, though it was a little slow, the characters were good. I've got Endleslly too. Happy reading, and thanks for stopping by :-)

Unknown said...

Ooh, nice bunch. Enjoy!

The Avid Reader said...

@Myra City of The Falling Sky does sound very interesting. When I first read the summary for some reason it reminded me of Starters. When I read it again I couldn't figure out why. Thanks for stopping by.

@Lindsay I didn't know there was a book either but I checked it out it is the same as the movie. I also liked the movie. Thanks for stopping by.

@Katja Yes, I was very disappointed when I got home and checked Night School out on the PC and found out. Thanks for stopping by.

@LibrarySnake Thanks for stopping by. I am checking out your IMM.

Lisa @ Lost in Literature said...

These are mostly all new titles to me. Loved Chosen! I reviewed it as well.

Hope you enjoy your books this week! :)

Lisa @ Lost in Literature
In My Mailbox/Stacking the Shelves

The Avid Reader said...

Lisa, Thanks for stopping by. Checked out your IMM.

Jennifer @ Bad Bird Reads said...

I love amazon freebies. I too got Pyxis. Happy reading. Thanks for stopping by.

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