Monday, April 30, 2012

Children of the Gods (A Chosen Novel) by Monica Millard

I would like to thank the author Monica Millard for posting her book Children of the Gods (A Chosen Novel) in the group The Nexus in the discussion topic Authors Requesting Reviews on Goodreads for review and allowing me to read and review it.

Reka a seventeen year old girl lived inside the City of the Gods. Everyone outside of the city thought they lived a perfect life never wanting for nothing, having all of their needs met. But they were so wrong inside the city they had no freedom, the one thing that they wanted the most. The gods told them what kind of music they could listen too, what foods they could eat. They lived a life of fear.

A very long time ago Reka's village was very poor. They never had enough food to feed everyone to keep them from starving. The Holorans came to them pretending to be gods, they were aliens. The Holorans promised them that they would take care of them and no one would ever be hungry ever again. They promised them the moon. What did they ask for in exchange for providing their ever need, want? They asked that they give their children to them so they could use their bodies as host for the Holorans.

On the night of the choosing everyone that was the right age to be in the choosing all lined up in their rows. Reka was one of the chosen. They took her away to her new home which was a ship. Reka was so terrified when they reached the ship and the doors started to slide open that she almost fainted. Upon entering the ship she learns that she will be the host body to their queen. They place an alien worm inside of her that is the queen. Reka is a very strong person; she is the stronger of the two between her and the queen inside her body. This is not normal; the queen is supposed to be the stronger of the two with Reka only being an annoyance inside her head.

Reka tries to be the person that she thinks that the queen is from what everyone tells her about herself, the queen. But on occasion it is very hard for Reka, she is not a mean nor a hateful person. Neither does she want to be. Reka tries to make the lives of the people on the ship better for them. She changes some of the rules that were applied by the queen herself. She does end up making friends with the staff.

Reka doesn't execpt nor wants to love Jaxson but she has no choice. She finds herself liking and loving Jaxson no matter how hard she tries. Jaxson is a very nice and handsome man. She also likes Jaxson's guard Griff too, she never expected this either. Although she does have some conflict with a woman by the name of Duester. Duester is jealous of Reka and would very much like to have Jaxson for herself. There were times that I wasn't sure if Duester was jealous of Reka because she wanted Jaxson or because the queen was her friend.

I really enjoyed reading Children of the Gods. It was extremly well written. I was kinda disappointed in how it did end though. I was definetly expecting something more something way different than what did happen. I hope that their will be more stories about Reka's life.

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