Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: Lure by Brain Rathbone

Lure by Brain Rathbone


Lure was given to me by the author. Recommend by Tana one of the moderators of the The Nexus group on Goodreads. Lure is about two girls, Sam and her partner Michelle (Shells). Sam can see ghost and this upset Sam. She wanted to know why she saw the ghost so after her accident that cost her her job more or less. Sam and Shells start their own paranormal investigation firm.

When they start having a hard time finding work in their hometown, Sam and Shells are hired by Michael to do a little paranormal investigation at the Inn where he works in New Jersey. The girls do a little side betting to get the money to buy the equipment they need and to get them to this Inn. After they arrive they find that Sam's boyfriend, Greg is there on Vacation using his Uncle's boat. Greg helps Sam and Shells with their investigation.

I liked Lure but there was so much missing from the story. When I started reading Lure I was not that into it. It just didn't hold my interest that well so I put it down and started reading something else. I kept thinking about these two girls Sam and Shells. I kept thinking who are these two girls? In what book did I read about them? I couldn't remember. Then I knew I had to finish Lure because it was sent by the author and I do like to finish what I start if at all possible so I picked it back up and there were those two girls. So I guess I enjoyed Lure more than I thought.

Sam is one tough chick that thinks she can take care of her self. She does need to grow up and learn that there is a time to party and a time not to party. She needs to be more responsible when making decisions while on a job.

There were some pretty amusing times in Lure. Shells made me laugh at times with the stuff she came up with and said. That is very UN usual for me, I don't normally see the humor in things like watching comedy movies that others see and get although there are some where I do laugh and understand the humor. I guess I am more of a serious type person although I do know a joke when I hear it.

Have you read Lure? What did you think? Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought. I love reading my comments. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

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