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#Review: Stolen Art By Ruth Silver @writeawaybliss @BlushingRavyn @GHBTours

Stolen Art
By- Ruth Silver
Genre- YA Sci Fi Adventure
Publication Date- May 4th, 2015
Published By- Lazy Day Publishing

Sixteen-year-old Madeline has been living on the streets, biding her time until she's eighteen. With little to no money, she takes on a heist in hopes of making ends meet. What could possibly go wrong?


Getting caught is just the beginning of Madeline's adventure as she meets Weston and discovers the secret of where she came from.


My Review-

 I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Madeline has lived on the street for most of her life. She has picked up a few jobs here or there just to make a few bucks so that she can eat. She has been lucky to have found a few people that would hire a kid and pay her under the table and not turn her in the police. The last thing Madeline wants is to go back in the system and then be put back in foster care. The foster homes that she had been placed in didn't care about her or what she did; all they wanted was the money that they got for taken her in, if you want to call it that.

Madeline was a good kid with a great big heart; all she wanted was to survive so there were times when desperation caused her to do things that she didn't want to do like steal food. But then one day she gets herself in a lot of trouble with the police. She took a job to steal something that was worth a lot of money. This job that she took on was a job for professionals with exceptional skills not that she didn't have good skills; just not the skills that this job required. So when she is caught she is put back into to the system. They put her in a home but it is better than going to jail. Only thing is she has no intentions of staying at the home. With the skills she does have she breaks out of the home.

Before she is put into the home she meets this guy; Weston whom she comes to care about a lot and he also likes her too. After Weston and Madeline meet they learn who and what she is. When they find out who she is then both of their lives are in danger or that is what they think until they learn the truth. After finding the truth or who she is they meet a few new friends along the way who help them out. Madeline, Weston and all of the other characters all have great big hearts and will sacrifice their own lives for anyone in their group.

Madeline, Weston and their friends are up against a very large company who has a hand in almost all of the business in their home town and probably have every intention of having a piece of every business in their town and more. The people in this company doesn't care about anyone's life, all they care about is power and being in control.

Will Madeline and her friends make it out alive? Will they ever have the opportunity to live a normal life like everyone else? Will they ever stop running from these evil people? How will they survive? Can this company ever be stopped? To find out the answers to these questions then you will just have to grab your copy of Stolen Art to find out or will you find out? LOL! I can't wait for the next book to find out more about Madeline, Weston, Candy, Peter, Sean and all of the other characters.

If you have not read Stolen Art then I really think you should if you like science fiction, a little romance and a lot of adventure. Stolen Art is one of Ruth's greatest novels yet. Although I have truly loved reading all of the books of hers that I have read. Ruth is another one of those authors where you don't need to read the summary to know it is going to be a great book. Thanks Ruth for letting me read your books and thanks to Girls Heart Books Book Tours too.

Author Bio-
Ruth Silver is the best-selling author of the Aberrant trilogy. With a passion for writing and a love of story-telling, Ruth is actively writing two series: Royal Reaper and Orenda. She also writes The Federal Agent Chronicles, an adult romance series under the name Ravyn Rayne for Blushing Books. Her interests include traveling, reading, and photography. Her favorite vacation destination is Australia. Ruth currently resides in Plainfield, Illinois.

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