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Virtual Tour: The Marlboro Man by Anna Alexander @AnnaWriter @GoddessFish #Giveaway

The Marlboro Man
by Anna Alexander 


For years Mark Webber was in love with his best friend’s girl, and it had become well past time for him to move on for greener pastures. Not long after he left, Mark realized the Sprawling A was his home, so now he’s back, ready to leave the past in the dust. While he was gone, there had been some changes at the A, including a new ranch hand who comes with a sister that stirs Mark’s passions in ways he never felt.

Gabriella Montoya has come to the ranch seeking shelter after a failed marriage. Not only is she welcomed with open arms, but she gains six big brothers. But one man doesn’t look at her like he would a sister. Oh, no. Mark gazes at her with a heat and promise in his eyes, and damn if he doesn’t deliver on every one. But Gabriella’s not certain she’s ready to embark on another relationship so soon with a man who has made no bones about wanting forever, especially when both of their pasts rise from the ashes and threaten everything they have.


She thought about what Greta had told her earlier about her and Mark’s past and curiosity prompted her to ask, “Have you ever been in love?”

His gaze flicked away and he leaned forward to rest his arms on his thighs. When he looked back at her he let out a long sigh. “I thought I was, once.”

“What happened?” she asked when he didn’t continue.

“Just like you, I realized I loved what she represented. Family, a partner, loyalty. She was the first woman I met who was everything I ever wanted.” A rueful smile twitched across his lips and he leaned back. “Except she was in love with someone else. And they were perfect for each other. I harbored those feelings for much longer than I should have. Wasted a lot of years that I could have had for my own happiness. After I realized what I had done, I promised myself that when I found the woman for me, I’d never let her go.”

“Do you think you’ll find her?”

The heat that simmered in his obsidian gaze warmed her as if she stood in front of a bonfire. “I know I will.”

Wow. Greta had been right. The woman who ended up with Mark would be a very lucky girl indeed.

It was easy for her to imagine what it would be like being held in his strong arms. To feel those big calloused hands stroking over her bare skin. Her breasts swelled under the weight of his gaze at the thought. Could he see her nipples pebble under her blouse?

Her own gaze trailed down his chest to the six-pack she knew lay beneath his shirt, She wanted to spend hours tracing each muscle with her tongue. Under the hat that lay on his lap, the muscles of his thighs bunched as he pushed the swing back and forth.

“Darlin’, your eyes are making promises I don’t think you can keep.”

Her gaze flew to his face, and her heart pounded in her chest. A flush graced his cheeks and his full lips were soft and parted.

“What promises are those?” She didn’t recognize the husky-voiced response as belonging to her.

“Long, slow, drugging kisses, full body contact, and screaming orgasms.”

She blinked twice. “Funny. I wouldn’t have taken you for a screamer.”


Anna Alexander's literary world changed at age thirteen when a friend gave her a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's "A Rose in Winter." With her mind thoroughly blown, she decided that one day she too would be a romance writer. With Hugh Jackman's abs and Christopher Reeve's blue eyes as inspiration, she loves spinning tales about superheroes finding love.

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Where can you see yourself in 5 years time?

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Thank you for having me!

Hello Mail!

In five years I hope to be still be writing and living in my worlds of superheroes and cowboys. I also hope I have lots of time to meet all my readers and thank them for their support.

Rita Wray said...

I liked the excerpt.

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Great excerpt and really sexy cover.

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Love the excerpt! and I agree with MomJane Sexy! Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Thank you! I wish I could have shown more of that photo in the cover, but Amazon would have slapped it for being too racy.

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A great excerpt thank you.

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