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Blurb Blitz + #Giveaway: Travesty of Justice by Heather Butler @GoddessFish

Travesty of Justice
by Heather Butler
GENRE: Romance drama


Samuel, a strong black African man, and Nicole, a beautiful white Nova Scotian woman, with a rare mystical insight. They meet in the year of 1999 in the city of Halifax, a small university town in the heart of Nova Scotia. It was from the first moment that they met each other. They both began to look with different eyes at the world they lived in.  They live in a society with a subtle bias towards interracial relationships, where the general population has been torn with racial tension for centuries. They struggled with discrimination, and are facing too many obstacles. Samuel now a medical doctor, is working hard to gain access to his chosen profession, he knocks on many different doors asking for just one chance, to demonstrate his capabilities as a qualified doctor, but his efforts and knocks go unanswered.

When they appeal to their government for help and intervention; it is then that they face the real heart of the problem; they will discover a conspiracy, which will nearly destroy their lives.  As Samuel and Nicole work hard, to overcome the injustice that is thrown at them. Samuel realizes he is out of time, and the secret he buried for years from Nicole, can no longer be hidden. This true-life travesty of justice, will allow you to see two people, their minds, their hearts, and hear their cries, as they fight for courage and strength, in a place that goes to extraordinary measures to deny them access. This deeply moving romance, drama, will pull at your heart strings, with the turn of every page.


Dr. Hay stood looking out the window, she was wondering just when all the pretty things that now surrounded her, became more important than her own morals. She knew that she had just single handily killed a young man’s career. All because she didn’t have the courage to do the right things. Her bias decision was keeping her up at night. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like, if she had faced such a hostile, and adversative situation, as Samuel had, when she first started her career. She knew she would have given up, a long time ago. That she couldn’t have never handled it. She had to admire the man, who life, she had just destroyed. Because through it all, he had maintained his kind professional matter, with grace. Even those she knew, he was heartbroken. But it was all just a train wreck waiting to happen, she thought. She hated the fact that she had been forced, into helping such a man as Dr. Rogers. She now detested the very sight of him, and she hoped that one day he got what he deserved. She was shattered inside too, because she had let him influence, and co-hearse her into this whole mess. She had loss her own self-respect, and could hardly look at herself in the mirror. Sleep never comes easy for the guilty she thought.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Heather Butler Designer and Owner of The Butler Collection of Jewelry. Author of Travesty of Justice, a compelling drama romance novel, and Thoughtful Moments, a book of inspirational poetry. Heather was born in Nova Scotia, but began her career in the Toronto apparel Industries, where she worked for over 10 ten years. With a talent eye for colors, and good sense for style, she quickly worked her way to the top, managing mutli -million dollar operations. Heather began her jewelry career in 2000, designing jewelry, which was showcased on Canadian shopping channel, under the trade name Unban Chic. She was also the on air sale person, for this line of jewelry, for several years. In 2012 Heather founded The Butler Collection, and worked in the company full time. The Butler Collection is a contemporary, and sophisticated fine line of gemstone jewelry, which reflects the modern women of today. Her signature collection is intricate bead work of rare exotic gemstones, pearls and crystal in sterling silver and gold. These one of a kind designs, and limited edition pieces are, distinctive, imaginative, colorful wearable piece of art. The Butler Collection jewelry has been worn on the red carpets, and awards show of, The Juno’s, the Academy of Television and Film, The Canadian Music Awards, and short film Crystals awards. The Celebrities that’s have worn The Butler Collection are, Taylor Swift, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michelle Wright, Terri Clark, George Canyon, Amber Marshal, Kira Isabella, Caroline Dawn Johnson, just to name a few. The Tag line for The Butler Collection - (We design jewelry for the woman, who loves to be beautifully different.)

Our mission is to provide beautiful high quality handcrafted jewelry at an affordable priced for women across Canada. The Butler Collection endeavors to maintain new unique jewelry to keep our existing customers returning, and purchasing additional jewelry. We design with current seasonal colors, and fashion trends in mind. Our target market is women 30 to 70 age range, celebrities, business women, corporate executives, tourist’s boutiques, gift shops, galleries, fashion stores, as well as the wedding and special occasion market. Heather published her books in 2016, and have gotten great reviews for both books, and is presently working on the sequel to Travesty of Justice, which is called” The Magic in the Little Gemstone Kiosk “. Many churches and schools, often read from her book Thoughtful Moments.

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