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Blog Tour + #Giveaway: The Perils of Growing Up Werewolf (Hair in all the Wrong Places #2) by Andrew Buckley @abuckley23 @chapterxchapter @tantrumbooks

The Perils of Growing Up Werewolf 
(Hair in all the Wrong Places #2)
by Andrew Buckley
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Publisher: Tantrum Books

Being a werewolf is no picnic. Colin’s constantly hungry, spends a ton of time shaving, and fights to keep his emotions in check to avoid turning into a giant, drooling, hairy, smelly, howling wolf. But Colin's not the only creature hanging around the town of Elkwood. Vampires, zombies, goblins, ogres, and other questionable visitors and their various shenanigans have got everyone on edge.

Colin just wants to live a normal life, date, and get his homework done on time. But the town of Elkwood needs him. So when a secret government organization asks for his help, will he be able to control the animal inside, or will he give in to the perils of growing up werewolf?

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Guest Post:

If I Knew Then What I Know Now About Writing

I was originally a pirate. That was my first career choice. See attached picture for proof (image pasted below). If I knew then what I knew about writing now I likely would have tried harder to grow that waxed moustache. I would have actually stepped onto a boat and taken it out for a spin. I would have visited derelict bars in search of a crew of scurvy sea scum with which to rule the high seas. I like to think I would have been a merciful pirate. I mean, sure, you’re going to have to make someone walk the plank at some point, it’s inevitable. The last thing I would have wanted was for the men to think I’d gone soft. I would have worked to inspire the right balance of fear and respect, and I would dress all in black and wear a mask (like the dread pirate Roberts from the Princess Bride).

Wait, was I supposed to talk more about writing? Because I can go on for pages and pages about my pre-conceived notions about piracy.

Okay fine, if I knew then what I know about writing now . . . I would have started earlier and taken all those wasted hours in front of the TV and playing video games and used them to write novel after novel after novel. I’d love to have a backlog of work to draw off, to be able to send to my literary agent, or use for promotions or to create new works from. Instead I tend to write a book, then publish it, wash, rinse, and repeat. All that time I spent watching re-runs of Happy Days, Mork and Mindy, and The Golden Girls could have translated into at least three solid fantasy novels! The summer I spent playing on my Sega Genesis could easily have been an action adventure spy novel! And the hours and hours I spent in chat rooms talking to random people when I first got a 33.6k dial up modem . . . I could have written an epic tale akin to the Lord of the Rings, complete with all the history books to back it up.

It’s not too late you know? I could still be a pirate. I’ve got the beard and everything. But I can’t imagine myself ever being anything other than a writer. And while I may not have started as early as I could have, I feel I’m constantly making up for lost time, and thanks to that pirate-like determination and indomitable sense of will, I’ll continue to succeed in this crazy industry.

Avast, me hearties!

Andrew Buckley attended the Vancouver Film School’s Writing for Film and Television program. After pitching and developing several screenplay projects for film and television, he worked in marketing and public relations, before becoming a professional copy and content writer. During this time Andrew began writing his first adult novel, DEATH, THE DEVIL AND THE GOLDFISH, followed closely by his second novel, STILTSKIN. He works as an editor for Curiosity Quills Press.

Andrew also co-hosts a geek movie podcast, is working on his next novel, and has a stunning amount of other ideas. He now lives happily in the Okanagan Valley, BC with three kids, one cat, one needy dog, one beautiful wife, and a multitude of characters that live comfortably inside of his mind.

Andrew is represented by Mark Gottlieb at the Trident Media Group.


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